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HO HO HOLD the Madness

Happy Holiday Season, my Lovely!

(If you’re groaning right now, this love note’s for you.) Because there’s really no need for December to turn into a month of pure madness.

There’s no need to spin in 12 different directions, trying to live up to other people’s expectations of Christmas. Remember my darling, you have a CHOICE. If you actually want to spend three days cooking a seven-course, traditional turkey feast, I applaud you. If you want to go to all those parties, TERRIFIC! Pull on those sparkly pumps and go paint the town red and green! But if you’re miserable? Then it’s time to sit down and get honest. If you keep saying yes to the things that leave you hollow and drained, you’re setting yourself up for a LIFETIME cycle of Christmas drudgery and obligation. And if you’ve already done that? If you’re in your forties or fifties and the thought of one more Christmas party/present/chore makes you want to step into traffic? Then sit up and pay attention because I don’t want your end of life moments to be filled with Christmas regret.

There is a big difference between pushing yourself toward something of value and meaning—and pushing yourself because you feel you don’t have a choice.

One way leads to closeness and connection. The other leads to depression, resentment and illness. So it’s time to get clear about what you really value and what you want to create in your life so you can come up with a solid, intelligent, madness-free Holiday plan. Yes, people will be disappointed if you say no. I understand. They may even get angry. There could be consequences if you don’t show up for corporate cocktails. Your boss may take note of your absence and decide that you’re not the one to give that promotion to. So . . . yes, you have a decision to make. But please note. IT’S A DECISION. If you’re currently paying for your kids college tuition, then you may decide it's worth your while to have some party punch with your crappy boss. But don't tell yourself (and everyone else) that you HAVE to. Otherwise you'll feel helpless and trapped. You'll feel like a child being yanked around by a domineering parent. Connect to your CHOICE and you'll feel like an adult with a plan, making decisions that will help create a life that works for you. Remember, you can always make a new decision. And it's better to do that from a place of power instead of a feeling of helplessness. When things get hectic and you start feeling wobbly, here are 3 great questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I need RIGHT NOW?

  • What feels better? (This or this?)

  • What's the smallest step I can take toward something that feels aligned with my values and goals?

And as for that long list of chores and obligations? There's a tool for that! It's called the 3 B's and it's guaranteed to help you navigate the busy Holiday Season without a sleigh-load of resentment. To Download the 3 B's Click Here I hope you'll find it as useful as I have and I'd love to hear back from you to see how it worked. Because there's nothing more important than staying connected to joy. World peace is an individual decision within each of us. And the more tools we have to offset the Christmas-Crazies, the better. Please don't be a victim of the holidays. Exercise your right to CHOOSE. And be the bright shining light that you are.

Sending you so much love,


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