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Getting Off The Shit Pile of DO-DO

Hi Beautiful!

I just got an email from a friend who's back at work after taking some time off for her soul. A month in and she's already feeling exhausted. And worried.

"I don't want to work like this anymore," she wrote. "I want to find a job that will support my own business—not one that sucks everything out of me so I have nothing else left." "I get it." I wrote back. Because, BOY do I get it!

Years ago, I was on that same awful treadmill—running to pay bills and fulfill obligations, while getting farther away from my dreams.

Which is why I changed my life and dedicated myself to creating a reality that feels GOOD—no matter what. But that doesn't mean lying in a hammock, sipping margaritas every day. It means living at full capacity, with a focus on the things that are truly important to me. It means making room on the calendar for alone time and creativity, rest and relaxation, while also bringing everything I've got to my business. I'm not lazy and the women I work with aren't either. We're selective. We're willing to work hard at something that matters. And we can't do that if we're caught up in a frenzy of "making it happen". Exhaustion and Overwhelm are usually signs that we're working against the flow or trying to go it alone. Which means we've forgotten something important.

We're not separate from Source.

Call it God, or the Universe, or the great flow of life—each one of us is connected to a greater Intelligence and all manners of support if we allow it. As someone who's a recovering perfectionist (and still occasionally gets caught up in Doing instead of Allowing) I turn to my own coach to bring me back to this truth. She wrote an article that she calls, Beyond Doership which you may find helpful.

I call it, "Getting Off the Shit Pile of DO DO"

Because there's a big difference between Conscious Action and the DO-DO kind. Instead of climbing non-stop and never getting anywhere you actually want to be (DO-DO) you'll be climbing—clean and hard—straight to the top of your own highest values and personal goals. You'll be tired, but you'll be satisfied, happy and full. And dear one, that's SO much better than struggling alone on the dung heap.

If you need help with this, click HERE for a free consultation.

You'd be surprised what can happen when you stop trying to do it all by yourself. Sending you so much love,


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