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Slowing Down The Bullets

It's already been a busy summer full of parties, funerals, and reunions.

People are moving from their homes, retiring from significant jobs, starting a new position, getting married, or getting divorced.

Almost everyone I know is facing some kind of personal challenge that translates into one startling thing . . .


When I talk with clients who are feeling panicked and overwhelmed by this, I always say the same thing.

"Let's just SLOW everything down."

Because those feelings of wild discomfort reveal a body in stress mode—and what they really need the most is a moment of relief.

This is why we need to stop and BREATHE, my darlings!

S L O W I N G the breath is the best way to offer yourself support in the nerve-jangling moment.

I've noticed that when the pressure of life starts to turn up, the mind tries to stay on top of things by creating a TO DO List.

Unfortunately, it starts dictating that list immediately and with GREAT URGENCY!!

Those urgent thoughts can feel like an attack—like a stream of bullets from enemy territory.

But I promise, when you slow YOURSELF down, you slow down the flying shrapnel too.

And then, just like Neo facing off with Agent Smith (in The Matrix - 1999) you'll be able to easily move out of their way.

This analogy may sound dramatic, but if you've actually watched that movie, you may find the visuals helpful.

By breathing, and slowing things down, you'll have access to all the solutions, help, and answers, that exist in the present moment.

This summer may be busy, but it doesn't have to feel like an assault.

Slow yourself down, breathe, and don't forget to have fun.

Sending you so much love,


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