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Are You Willing To Have A Different Experience?

Lately I've noticed an interesting trend.

Most people don't expect things to work out in their favour.

  • They're sure they won't get the job.

  • They're certain their spouse won't be open to change.

  • They're positive retirement is out of reach because they suffered a financial loss.

A few express this "knowing" with a tinge of bitterness. They're angry life is so hard, that the Universe never comes through for them, that they never get what they want, that they can't catch a break.

Some blame themselves for their future bad luck. Of course things won't work out because they're THEM—defective in some unfixable way.

When I peek behind their pessimism, I always find a well-worn ledger filled with personal disappointment.

Do you have one of these? A mental record of all that's gone wrong?

If you do, you're not alone!

Our minds tries to keep us safe by noting the negatives so we're better prepared for hardship.

This ISN'T helpful unless we're standing squarely in the position of conscious awareness and personal power.

If we're not the one guiding our minds (using discernment and leadership), left-brain processes take over.

That's when the balance becomes skewed.

We start using narrow-focus attention without discretion—zooming in on all the let-downs, the failures, the tragedies, until that's all we can see.

We tell friends about the bad deal, the friend who forgot our birthday, the appliances that just crapped out, the rip-off mechanic who stuck us with an unexpected bill . . .

But the $20 we found? The speeding ticket that was waved? The clean air we breathe, the gift we received, the tax break, the blue sky, and all the daily blessings that come our way?

Nope. Those doesn't count.

Over time, we become cemented in a fixed expectation. When our heart starts filling with hope, we quickly pull the ledger out to show it the evidence.


If you're at this point, I'm going to ask you a question someone once asked me.

Are you willing to have a different experience?

Sit with this for a minute.

Really let the question sink down to your core.

You don't have to know HOW to have a different experience, or WHAT the alternate experience will be.

You just need to answer truthfully.

Are you willing to have an experience that's different than your worst expectations?

If the answer is yes, you'll need to put that lousy ledger down and open your heart to all that wants to happen for you.

You'll need to be honest about the things that are going right.

Yes, life is hard! No one's disputing that fact. But it's also magical and glorious and AMAZING.

When the linear-thinking rational brain begins to focus on the worst of reality, you'll need to step in as the core leader and turn the lens toward the bigger truth.

Life is trying to LOVE you, dear friend.

What would happen if you decide to let it?

Sending you so much love,


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