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Bummer News About Breath-work

Have you ever got excited about a new magical weight loss program . . .

. . .only to find out that its “big secret” is to move your body more while reducing the amount of food you put into your mouth?

Big Bummer.

You have to exercise? You have to watch what you eat? You have to set limits?

Ugh. Just give me the results, already.

If I'm singing your tune, brace yourself.

It’s the same damn dilemma with breath work.

  • You'll have to keep bringing your attention back to your breath.

  • You'll have to set limits with the critical voice in your head.

  • You'll have to stop running for a second and tune in.

Sorry, dearest.

This will feel like effort. But here's the good news:

Unlike fitness or weight-loss programs (where big changes don't happen right away) breath-work can deliver results within minutes.

If you're just not that interested, take a look at the illustration below.

Most of us are running around in a state of Incoherence, thinking it's normal.

HELLO stress hormones, low energy, and an out-of-whack immune system!

But, simply by SLOWING your breathing, (and breathing deeper if possible) you'll be able to soothe your nervous system.

And if you really want to decrease your cortisol and increase those feel-good, anti-aging hormones?

Connect to your heart and focus on things you appreciate.

Breathe that appreciation into your body. Breathe it out to the world.

Yes, your mind is going to insist you're too busy to stop and breathe for 10 minutes.

It's going to tell you breath work is stupid—that's it's too simple to be effective.

It's going to try to convince you there's another magic way.

So stare it down!

Remind yourself that slow, mindful, breathing increases your capacity to function.

  • You'll concentrate better.

  • You'll sleep better.

  • You'll perform better.

  • You'll be calmer and more responsive.

So when your mind starts telling you "breath work is a waste of time" . . .

Just start breathing and prove it wrong.

Sending you so much love,

P. S. Lately I've been talking about Heart Coherence Breathing, which uses a count of 5 for the inhale and 5 for the exhale (but you can change that number to 4 if you're just starting out). This isn't so much a breathing technique as it is a way to connect to your heart where you can then activate a positive feeling and bring all your systems into harmony and balance. If you're interested in learning more, GO HERE. (I'm not an affiliate, just a fan)

P. S. S. If you're really struggling with resistance when it comes to meditation or breath work, make smaller steps until the resistance softens. Don't go for 20 minutes! Don't go for 10. Start with just 2 -3 minutes. And if you still can't get past that voice in your head that's keeping you stuck, Book A Free Consultation and let's talk about working together.

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