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First Aid For Fear + Anxiety

When you’re in crisis-mode, telling yourself to CALM DOWN isn’t going to help.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Think about it.

If you came across a person gushing blood, would you yell, "HEY! YOU NEED TO STOP BLEEDING!"

I really hope not.

For the sake of the injured person, I'm crossing my fingers you'd take off your jacket and apply pressure to the wound.

Of course, you’d need to know Medical First Aid to do that.

Well, it’s the same with Fear, Anxiety, and Panic.

If you don’t understand what you’re working with—if you don’t know proper Emotional First Aid—you may do more harm than good.

This is something I want to change.

Because most of us are responding to our anxiety and fear in ways that are making them worse.

We're treating them both like they’re problems. Like something we need to get RID of.

But all our emotions, especially the ones in the Fear Family, have important jobs and messages.

And if we don’t understand their differences (or functions) we can’t benefit from their wisdom.

So where do we start?

Well, in Medical First Aid, the first thing you’ve got to do is stop the bleeding.

But in Emotional First Aid, the first thing you’ve got to do is ground yourself and calm the nervous system.

And I’ve just created a resource that's going to help you do that.

First Aid For Fear is filled with essential tools (and how-to-videos!) that will help you calm your anxiety so you can begin to work with it in a healthy, empowering way.

I've organized it into three main categories.

  • First Aid for Panic, Terror & High Anxiety

  • First Aid for Racing Thoughts, Rumination & Catastrophizing

  • First Aid for General Anxiety, Self Doubt & Overwhelm

Plus, I reveal some truths about anxiety that may surprise you.

Just remember to bookmark the kit for easy reference. And if you know someone who could benefit from this resource, please share!

Because the truth is, most of us need to brush up on our Emotional First Aid.

Have you noticed all the anger, outrage and polarization in the world right now?

That's FEAR, love.

Most people are in a state of Fight or Flight. Their nervous systems are stuck in emergency mode.

If you're one of them, GET THE KIT NOW!

Because you can’t hear your Inner Guidance when you're in a state of high agitation.

You can't shine your light if you feel paralyzed and helpless.

This isn't a time to shut down, dear one.

It's a time for a critical self-care.

Sending you so much love,

P. S. If you're ready to start listening to your fear and anxiety (instead of trying to make it go away) Book A Free Consultation with me and let's talk about working together.

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