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Five Tell-Tale Signs You've Slipped Into a Helpless Mindset


Did you just slip into helplessness?

Well, don't beat yourself up.

With all the banana peels of 2020 still lying around, it's easy to fall right into victim-mode without even realizing it.

Just please don't allow yourself to get stuck there!

Because feeling helpless and BEING helpless are two different things.

Newborn babies are helpless.

Someone without arms or legs (or any means of communication) is helpless.

I'm guessing, if you're reading this, you're neither.

So don't let your brain fool you into thinking you're less capable and less creative than you actually are.

Learn the telltale signs of a helpless mindset so you can recognize it and get yourself OUT.

Here are the top five indicators to watch for:

  • You feel HELPLESS—like a small child in an overwhelming world.

  • You feel that NOTHING can be done about your situation.

  • You're certain the circumstances of your life are TOO BIG to be changed.

  • Everything feels UNFAIR. Other people (or forces) are ruining life for you.

  • You feel you need to be RESCUED by something or someone who's smarter, more capable and more powerful than you.

If you're checking any of these off in discouragement, I've got great news.

You can change the state of your brain with one simple sentence.

The ability to CHOOSE (even if it's just a new attitude) will instantly shift you out of victim-mode and into true empowerment.

Because you're stronger and more resilient than you think.

You have resources you haven't considered.

You have a creative, problem-solving mind that has the ability to figure things out.

You have options, dear one.

Even if your situation sucks.

Sure, you may be scared right now.

You may be exhausted, fed-up and bitterly disappointed.

But helpless?

Nope. Not any more.

Sending you so much love,

PS. I love helping people connect to their inner brilliance so they can shift out of victim-mode and become the powerful creator they were always meant to be. If you want to strengthen your relationship with the highest version of yourself, let's have coffee together by Skype! You can book a free consultation HERE

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