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Have You Hugged Your Inner Critic Today?

Have you hugged your Inner Critic today?

If you haven't, here's a gentle nudge.

Your critic NEEDS you, dear one.

If you've been fighting with it, I want you to stop and give it your full attention.

Really listen to what it's saying:

  • You're too old to go back to school.

  • You're not smart enough to start a new business.

  • You'll never find love.

It may sound cruel, but don't be confused. That voice ISN'T who you really are.

It's just a protective part that still remembers the pain of rejection, and the heartbreak of judgement and shame.

Your Inner Critic knows how unkind people can be. And it's trying to protect you from failure and public humiliation.

Instead of arguing with it (or defending yourself) shower it with love and appreciation!

It has no idea how connected you are. It doesn't realize you're resilient and creative and STRONG.

It's still caught up in memories of when you were small and vulnerable.

So please, please, be kind to it.

Just don't stop there. Because your life won't change until you start working with this neglected part of yourself.

Show it how capable you are.

DO the thing it thinks you cannot do.

Then give it a hug. And while you're at it, give one to yourself.

You're precious, remember?

Sending you so much love,

P. S. In my last blog, I introduced my Free Support Kit for Fear and Anxiety but I didn't talk about the resistance that came up as I did that.

My inner critic showed up at full volume.

  • "No one's going to watch these videos"

  • "It's all been done before."

  • "It's all been done better."

  • "You're too old to be in front of the camera."

So I sat down and put my arms around that worried part.

"Thank you," I said. "Thank you for loving me so much."

Here's what I DIDN'T say. "You're right. I'm a loser. Why even bother?"

Instead, I connected with my values and my life's mission.

Our biggest problem right now isn't our Fear and Anxiety but our FEAR of fear and anxiety—and I want to change that.

This kit is important and I know it.

So I gave my Inner Critic a big hug and promptly hit SEND.

You can check it out by clicking on the image below.


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