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Increase Your Fun. Still Get Stuff Done.

Ever notice how when you relax, good things start to happen?

You laugh more easily. Creative ideas come. Solutions appear. People enjoy being around you.

I've been tracking this for awhile, and I've noticed the more I let go and have fun, the easier life gets.

This doesn't mean I stop taking care of business.

It doesn't mean I never feel stress.

But when I lighten up and make things less SERIOUS, everything softens.

The more I align with what's happening, the more all the moving pieces start to harmonize and flow.

This is what the SUMMER SESSIONS are all about.

Four flexible sessions to help you activate (and sustain) a state of EASE and FLOW.

If you feel "too busy" for something like this, please SIGN UP IMMEDIATELY!

Don't let the demands and expectations of summer (or life), rob you of presence, joy, peace and delight.

Don't let your TO-DO list be in charge.

If you're a business owner or a busy parent (or both), I get it! You probably won't be spending much time lazing in a hammock.

But you can do all the necessary things with MORE JOY and LESS URGENCY.

And if you can do that with me for a summer, then you can do that for a lifetime!

CLICK HERE and let's get started!

You'll get four flexible sessions to use YOUR way. (4 x 60 minutes)

  • One day you may only need 30 minutes of mind/body work to reconnect you to YOU so you can relax and enjoy life.

  • Another day you may need a full hour to unpack something that's keeping you from your joy so you can let go and be more chill with your family.

  • Maybe you'll need 2 sessions one week and none at all for the next.

  • Or, you could book regular 15 minute "check-in chats" to keep yourself aligned and in the stress-free zone.


The Summer Sessions are meant to be easy, breezy and FLEXIBLE. Which is perfect for the busy summer months. You get to do this your way:

  • Take your session in bed.

  • Talk to me outside on the grass.

  • Chat while driving to the cottage.

  • Walk and talk!

There's no rigid schedule, no take-aways and no homework!

We can connect by Whatsapp, Phone, Face-Time, Skype or Zoom. (Video or NO video).

Whatever you choose, I'd love to help you unplug from the stress and effort of DOING so you can actually enjoy BEING.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. CLICK HERE to jump right in to the Summer Sessions! CLICK HERE to book a free consultation.

P.S.S. If you have any questions, please reach out. You can email me at or call me at (403) 230-5987.


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