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It's ALL For You

In late September, James brought home some beautiful, fall plums.

This was strange and unusual.

James doesn’t eat fruit unless it’s blended into a smoothie, or muddled into a cocktail.

But since someone from work brought in a box of plums to be shared, he grabbed a handful for me.

“They’re from the farmer’s market,” he said, laying them on the table. "And they’re all for you.”

All for you.

How many times throughout my life, has the Universe whispered these words into my ear?

All for YOU. It's all for YOU.

Only, it wasn't just referring to the beauty of life, or the happy experiences, but to the heartbreaking ones as well.

I used to hate this. I only wanted the GOOD.

I know now (at the age of fifty-five), that all of it WAS good. Whether it was wanted or unwanted, Life provided the very things that furthered my understanding of ME—what I needed to learn, what I needed to overcome, and what I needed to let go of.

Contrast, it turns out, is an exceptional teacher.

There was a time when I would have turned up my nose at a handful of plums.

But after two years of Covid restrictions—after holding space for so many worn-weary humans who, like me, had watched the world rip out it's own throat while doomsday enthusiasts cheered—I have a fresh, humbled perspective.

The gift of purple, fragrant fruit felt significant. Precious.

I picked one up and held it in my hand.

Someone had planted the tree that produced it. Another had plucked it from the branch. Someone else had shipped it. Another had sold it. Still another had purchased it and taken it to work. Someone else (my someone), had brought it home to me.

I had done nothing.

If you don’t think Life’s working on your behalf, you’re not paying attention.

What gifts are you not acknowledging? What daily offerings are you shrugging off as insignificant? What are you turning your nose up at?

I invite you to stop. Just for a second. Look around you. Now look again.

Do you see the aliveness? The rich texture? The wonder?

It's all for YOU.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. It's natural to resist the idea that Life is always working for us instead of against us—especially if things are going wrong. But when we look at the challenges in our life through the eyes of the soul (or the psyche), it's easier to see that Life is doing everything it can to help us wake up to a greater reality. If you're interested in partnering with LIfe in a more conscious way, book a free consultation so we can discuss working together. xo

P.S.S. I'm someone who experiences neurological disturbances in the form of full-body migraines every winter when the barometric pressures in our area fluctuate. So, do I see this as ALL FOR ME? Well, yes. I do. My sister suffered with migraines for years and I had no compassion for her whatsoever. I didn't understand. And now I do. My understanding has made us closer. Life has provided us both with a wonderful medication that helps. And since winter is the time for retreat and contemplation, my body is sending a strong message to help me honour that. (I tend to want to act like it's summer all season long). So yes, I can see how this unwanted thing is still working on my behalf. 🎉 🎉


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