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No Arms. No Legs.

Sometimes, people come to me for help with physical pain.

And the first thing I always do is take them on a trip INSIDE their body.

To their surprise, we always find pain-free zones that offer a place of rest and hope.

And while this isn't a miracle cure, every pocket of health or ease we find is something we can work with. It's something we can GROW.

It's all about where we direct our focus.

If you suffer from chronic pain, please know I'm not suggesting you're doing it wrong.

There are levels of pain that require medical attention and I'm the first to pop a triptan when I'm hit with a debilitating migraine.

For me, it's AND.

Which means I also check in with my body to see if there's a deeper reason for the pain.

I listen to the answer and use different healing modalities (like breathing exercises and visualization) to support myself and guide my mind to a positive place.

One of my favorite tools is The Torso Tool which came to me during a perfect storm of pure awfulness.

I was experiencing intense migraine turbulence (plus hormonal upheaval), at a time when there was a shortage of medication. Three months in, I found myself sliding toward the pit of despair.

I laid in bed, breathing through hours of non-stop neurological disturbances while the pain intensified.

I scanned my body to see if I could find a pain-free zone, but couldn't.

Then, quite brutally, an image popped into my mind—of ME waking to find my arms and legs severed from my body.

The shock of it stunned me. I had seen something like that in a movie, where a man was mutilated in this way, then pulled around in a wagon and put on display at one of those horribly cruel freakshows.

The helplessness and horror overwhelmed me.

I snapped back into my body and when I connected to my arms and legs, I started to cry.

A rush of gratitude and relief flooded me with a force that was bigger than my pain.

This did NOT make my migraine instantly go away. But it shifted everything. I had arms! I had legs! I wasn't at the mercy of anyone! I could feed myself. I could WALK.

The high-frequency energy of GRATITUDE gave me the ability to get out of bed.

I was able to coach the next day and my client had no idea I'd been completely immobile the day before.

If you're hurting, or are feeling off-balance in any sort of way, imagine yourself with no arms and no legs.

Really GO to that place. Let yourself feel it as if it were real. Stay there for a bit. Then bring yourself back to your life.

I have a feeling you'll be flooded with the same kind of joy I was.

When we place our focus on what we HAVE—when we notice what's working, and where we have choice and freedom—our perception changes.

And that change can lead to miracles.

Sending you so much love,

P. S. I believe mind-body tools are an important part of holistic health and conscious awareness, but they're NOT the complete answer for severe chronic pain, or for clients with clinical depression or neuro-brain chemistry issues.

There's no one right answer to any imbalance we experience. But I know for sure there IS an answer and believe that by tuning in and listening to our pain, we'll find the path to our OWN unique healing journey.


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