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No One Will Die

I'm here today with one of my favourite lines of poetry by Robert Bly:

"It's been decided that if you lie down, no one will die."

Take that in for a moment, because it's true.

Unless you're a surgeon on duty right now, I invite you to stop and take a breath.

Slow everything down.

Maybe sit for a second and put your hand on your heart.

Because working harder and faster to keep on top of things isn't the grand solution the mind keeps insisting it is.

You're a human, love. Which means you're a very special kind of creature. You need to dream, romp in nature, and just BE.

Yes, you've got deadlines to meet and a to-do-list that's growing by the minute. But working HARDER isn't the answer.

(I've been on that treadmill. It goes nowhere.)

If you know this too, but are afraid to step off, here's something to consider:

Stepping off doesn't mean stopping. It means plugging into the intelligence of higher forces, then stepping UP as the core leader of your life.

The truth is, you can perform and work in ways that feel fun and charged with healthy energy. You can move with passion for your purpose, even if your personal mission at the moment is simply to feed your family and pay your bills.

Anything that feels LIFE-OR-DEATH needs to be called out for what it really is:

That's what's wielding the whip, my love. False-fear. And it's activated by a part of your mind that's convinced you're not safe.

Once your primitive brain decides your salvation comes from working harder and running at break-neck speed, it will never let you rest.

That's an important clue!

Not allowing yourself to rest isn't intelligent. Which means the impulse to DO DO DO isn't coming from inner wisdom.

It's time to stand up to that do-or-die sense of urgency. And not just because it's a killer of joy and vitality, but because it's a terrible LIE.

So, turn toward truth. Take a moment to calm your nervous system. Slow everything down just to NOW. Give yourself permission to rest.

Remember, it's been decided.

No one will die.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. There are many different kinds of REST, so please don't think you need to lay motionless in a bed to heal your nervous system or recover from a toxic relationship with DOING. Usually what we need is some form of wordlessness to help us disconnect from the voice of the mind so we can reconnect with the wisdom of our heart. If you need help with this, please book a free consultation so we can discuss working together. xo


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