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Pivoting is Your Power Move

Remember the days of the five year plan?

When we were supposed to have everything mapped out so we could direct our life and achieve our goals?

Insert laughter here.

Things have shifted dearest. Maybe you've noticed?

The illusion of control is cracking and shattering beyond repair.

Long-term plans made sense back in the good old days of predictability.

But in todays age? Good luck with that. Things are shifting and changing so fast we don't

know—CAN'T KNOW—what will happen next.

And that "can't-know, don't-know" state of mind creates a perfect environment for the deeper dimension of ourselves to thrive.

I'm talking about our intuitive knowing and our creative genius—an inner intelligence we tend to abandon for the promise of safety and certainty.

"Don't-know" mind is beginners mind, after all, and who wants to be a beginner?

Let me suggest that YOU DO.

Because beginners mind allows you to see reality in a fresh new way.

It makes it easier to drop your plans like a scorched potato and PIVOT toward a new direction begging to be explored.

It puts you on the right frequency to receive fresh new instructions right here, right now, in the red hot moment.

This is what zen masters call living in flow.

So go ahead and make your plans. I certainly do. Just be prepared to burn your agenda the moment Life makes it clear it has something else in mind.

When that happens, stop all forward momentum and stand very still.



Inhale again.

Look around. Sniff the air. Tune into the energy of NOW.

Ask yourself: What wants to happen? What's trying to emerge from the ashes of your to-do list? What new path is calling to you?

Guidance abounds, dear one. It's time to trust the process of your life.

The great mystery is asking you to dance with it . . .

And I'm not even sure you have a choice.

Sending you so much love,


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