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That Rock In Your Shoe

Have you ever had a rock in your shoe?

Not great, huh.

I'm guessing (if you're non-disabled) you probably stopped at some point to get it out.

But what about that piece of gravel in the pit of your stomach?

Or maybe for you, it's right between your shoulders.

Are you going to push through that? Are you going to ignore those pebbles, those rocks, those bricks, like they're normal?

I hope not.

Those feelings of discomfort are trying to get your attention, my sweet. They're trying to tell you something important.

  • maybe you're attempting to control something that's not yours to control

  • maybe you're moving too fast

  • maybe you're out of your integrity

Anxiety really just wants us to slow down and TUNE IN.

Have you checked in with yourself? Have you taken a moment to ask the discomfort what it wants you to know?

There are many methods to help you do this, but here's a quick exercise from our friends over at HeartMastery:

  1. Sit down for a minute and connect with the issue. Write it down. (Seeing it on paper makes a difference.)

  2. Notice the way you feel about it. Stressed? Overwhelmed? Angry? Write this down too.

  3. Take a moment and direct your attention away from the mind and down to your heart.

  4. Breathe In (1,2,3,4,5) Breathe Out (1,2,3,4,5) Repeat several times, keeping your breathing focused on the heart space.

  5. Activate a feeling of gratitude and breathe that in too.

  6. Ask your deeper wisdom what would be a beneficial attitude, action or solution that would de-stress the situation?

Even if you don't get an earth-shattering answer, doing this exercise sends an important signal to yourself that says "I'm worth taking care of. I"m worth listening to."

It's also a powerful way to build a relationship with your inner guidance.

Which means, that rock in your shoe isn't a problem unless you leave it there.

So, do yourself a kindness.

Stop for a moment and take it out.

Sending you so much love,

P. S. I love helping people learn how to listen to their anxiety so they can get the messages that are always there for them. If you can't get that rock out on your own, Book A Free Consultation with me and let's talk about working together.

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