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Contemplative Woman


If you want to learn how to make a great baguette, you don't go to someone who's never made one before. 


You go to someone who knows the process and can teach you the steps.

You find someone who makes really good bread.

And what's true for bakers is true for coaches. 


In fact, a coaching program is really just a great recipe—a tried and true process designed to get specific, repeatable results.

I currently offer only one.  And I'm really, really proud of it.  

Standing Strong is a carefully wrapped package of all the tools, methods and personal aha's that helped me get through some very shaky times.


It was developed in the kitchen of my own lifethrough trial and error, through tears, (and more tears) and through a willingness to face my fear and self-doubt with an open, honest heart. 


The result?  A tested, transformational program that will help you develop a solid connection with your own inner guidance and personal strength.

Woman Standing Strong


This is a 6 week, one-on-one private coaching program for anyone who feels disconnected from their true source of power and wants to get back to the solid ground of TRUST.

Because all of Life is organizing itself for your success! 


If you've forgotten that, this program will help you strengthen your partnership with Life, teach you practical tools of action, connect you to your own special brand of magic, and give you the courage to go after your dreams.

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