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Let me guess.

You're here because you've been feeling off.

You're usually so self-assured . . . but lately doubt has been eating away at your confidence.

Inner wisdom?

You can't even hear it right now.

I get it.  I've been there.

I know what it's like to feel frozen and immobilized by indecision and uncertainty.  

I've been at the pinnacle of courage and faith only to have (how does that song go?) a landslide take me down.

So don't feel badly if . . .


  • You've lost your connection to something higher and have stopped trusting in a power that's bigger than yourself.

  • You're on the brink of something BIG but you're too afraid to take the next necessary step.

  • You've being walking on the same old treadmill of mediocrity because it feels too risky to step off and follow your heart.

  • You're so busy sweating the small stuff, that you're missing out on the things that are truly important.

  • You're obsessing about events in the future instead of enjoying the here and now.

  • You spend more time ruminating about things you have no control over instead of focusing on what you can actually change.

  • You've been faking it with bravado and humour while feeling small and scared inside.

  • You've been biting your tongue instead of saying how you really feel.

  • You're feeling more like a limp dishcloth than the fierce force of strength you know you can be.


If you're ready to re-kindle your relationship with TRUST so you can move toward a life of meaning and purpose, then this coaching program was tailor-made for you!


But let's pause for a moment to acknowledge something.


Fear isn't bad.  

Real fear—true fear—keeps us safe.  It comes up to signal that something important needs our attention.  RIGHT NOW.  True fear puts you into clear awareness of the present moment and gives you laser focus and immediate actions to take.   

Run.  Jump.  Shout.  Stop.

But that's not the fear we're talking about, is it?  We're talking about FALSE FEAR.  The kind the mind makes up.  The kind that produces a sense of lack and separation, causing a restless, low-grade anxiety.


  • the fear of not being good enough

  • the fear of being judged 

  • the fear of being alone

  • the fear of being rejected or humiliated

  • the fear of missing out

  • the fear of making the wrong decision

  • the fear of not being liked or approved of

  • the fear of being found out 

  • the fear of feeling vulnerable

  • the fear of losing what you have

  • the fear of letting people down



Are you exhausted yet?


Of course you are!

That's what False Fear does.  It drains you of your vital energy and creativity.  It convinces you that it's TOO LATE and stops you from growing and engaging with Life in a positive way. 


When you're in this kind of fear, you're not really alive.


And that's such a shame.

Your life is supposed to be vibrant and full of meaning. 

Which is why I created this program.

Standing Strong  will help you strengthen your partnership with Life, 

connect you to your own special brand of magic, and give you the courage to go after your dreams.

It will also jump-start the journey from where-you are-now to where-you-want-to-be.

I don't care what your mind is telling you, it's NEVER too late.

So let's start right now. 

It's my mission to help you access a level of self-love and acceptance that will turn your fear into positive expectation

worried woman
fresh leaf symbolizing new life

If my calendar is full, please email me so I can make space or get you on the waiting list!


First-Aid for Fear Toolkit 

You'll receive a downloadable Toolkit filled with some of my favourite tools for dealing with Fear in a healthy way.  We'll use these tools (and build on them) throughout our time together, and the best part is that they'll last you a lifetime!

Weekly Downloadable Lessons, Tools, And Helpsheets

Week One:  Conscious Awareness

This week is all about the importance of the Mind-Body Connection and why noticing the way you FEEL is so imperative.

Week Two: The Voice(s) in Your Head

This week's focus is on the verbal part of the brain and how to recognize (and deal with) the voice of False Fear.

Week Three: Thought Work and Mind Mistakes

The mind makes a LOT of mistakes, so this week is all about recognizing the most common mind-errors while also learning how to question your thoughts to see if they're actually true. 

Week Four:  Boundaries

The number one cause of exhaustion, overwhelm and general anxiety is not understanding what's really YOURS.  This week is about learning Boundary Basics so you can take care of your own business and let go of everything else.

Week Five: Grounding Feeling Wobbly and Weak-kneed?  This week's focus is all about how to connect to a powerful resource:  Your SELF in the present moment. 

Week Six:  Trusting Higher Forces

You don't have to believe in higher forces to benefit from them. This week you'll learn how to develop a trusting relationship with your SELF—meaning your capital S self that's connected to an intelligence that goes beyond the limited knowledge of the ego.  

6.5 Private One Hour Sessions of Instruction and Coaching
We'll meet (over the phone or by Skype) once a week to go over each module together.  These sessions have three objectives: to go deeper into the material you've read, to address any questions that come up for you, and to coach you on your current situation so you can start applying the tools and concepts you'll be learning.  NOTE: Your first and last session with me will be 1:15 long so please make sure you allow this extra time so we can ease in and out of the program without feeling rushed.
Email Support
Some of the biggest AHA moments come in between sessions after you've had time to process.  If you have questions or need support, I'm happy to connect with you through email until our next scheduled session.


This 6 week program isn't about ACTION.

 At least, not the external kind. (That will come later when you're clear and ready.)


 It's about paying attention to the way you feel, catching the mind-stories that create doubt and worry, and cleaning up the infrastructure of your thoughts so you can get feel the support that's always there for you. 

I don't believe in pushing people off the high-diving board so they can "get over" their fear. I'm not going to ask you to jump out of a plane or approach strangers for money!  But there are some things I'll ask you NOT to do:


  • Jump into goal-setting without having clarity

  • Manipulate others in order to feel better

  • Beat yourself up or try to "fix" yourself (You don't need fixing. You were born perfect and whole.)

  • Try to fight or "overcome" your fear

This program is not about fighting anything.  It's about embracing the source of love inside you and connecting to the power of the Universe so that your fears will be dissolved by your own magnificent light.


  • Once you sign up, I'll send you your toolkit to download and print, so you'll want to get a binder to organize all the material. 

  • Before every session, I'll send you the module for that week.  (Module 1 will be sent to you before our first session.)  I ask that you read it and make some notes as to what resonates and what doesn't.  I also ask that you re-read the material (a quick review is fine) just before our session, if possible.

  • During our sessions, we'll review the material you've read and go deeper with it. 

  • You'll be given assignments where I'll ask you to apply (in real time) the tools and principles you're learning to actual situations in your life. NOTE:  This will be mostly internal actionnot necessarily external.

  • In all our sessions, I'll be checking in with you to see how you did on your assignments and what came up for you.

  • NOTE: Sometimes my clients want to move at a slower pace so they have time to absorb and practice the material.  We can definitely arrange this if you feel rushed in any way.  

  • EXTENSION SESSIONS AT A DISCOUNT:  Some clients want to extend the program once their 6 weeks are completed to continue the momentum of their learning (or because something big was revealed through the process that they want to take a closer look at).  If you find that you want to go further with the program, I offer my 3-session package at a one-time 25% discount to help out.


  • How to tell the difference between the voice of the mind and the voice of your inner wisdom (hint: one is the source of false fear)

  • How to understand the messages of your emotions so you can take the most empowering action

  • How to take the emotional journey from fear all the way up to the higher feeling states of joy, clarity, knowing and peace

  • How to use your interpretations of circumstances or events to fuel health, happiness and wholeness (instead of self-punishment and victimization)

  • How to respond to the alarm response in the body so you aren't living in survival-mode 24/7

You'll also learn several powerful tools (my personal favourites) for dealing with:


  • Worry, doubt and uncertainty

  • Fear and dread

  • Panic and terror

Put it all together and you'll have the ability to transform fear into a fierce commitment to your own deep truth.


This course requires commitment.

You'll receive a module once a week and will need to read it before our scheduled session.  You'll also be required to practice some of the concepts or tools throughout the week between sessions.  The good news is you won't have to alter your life in order to do this.  I'll be asking you to observe yourself in your day-to-day life and to pause internally to notice what's happening in your body and to respond to the emotional feedback you feel.

This takes some effort!  It may even feel tiring because you're overriding old, automated patterns of behaviour.  The brain likes to be efficient and will choose established habits (even if they're unhealthy) in order to save energy.  You will need to consciously CHOOSE new behaviours again and AGAIN in order to create new (healthy) pathways for your mind to follow. 


You may need to alter the pace.

The concepts and tools in this program could be based on ideas or practices that you're already familiar with.  Or they may be an introduction to some extremely new ways of thinking—which means you may need more time to process the information.  This program consists of 6 coaching sessions that preferably happen once a week.  If this feels too fast-paced for you, I encourage you to try one session every 2 weeks.  

Information is never enough.  Application is required for success.


Let me ask you a question:  How many programs, workshops or courses have you taken in the last few years?  If you're like most self-aware women, probably quite a few.  And yet, what you need isn't more information.  As valuable as the material in this program is, it won't really serve you if you don't start incorporating the practices into your life. 

I've likened STANDING STRONG to a recipe for connecting to your personal power and emotional bravery.  But reading a recipe with its list of ingredients isn't the same as actively buying the butter and flour and getting your hands into the mix.  It's not the same as kneading and baking and actually tasting the bread.

You'll need to give yourself more than 6 weeks to get into the groove of practicing the principles of this program.  To really get the results you want in your life, you'll need to continue on your own, going over the material, taking it deeper, so you can live and embody what you've learned.

Otherwise, life and routine will take over. You'll forget and go back to your old ways.   

That's why I'll always be here if you need me.  Not to sell you extra coaching sessions, but to answer any questions that may come up after the course and to encourage you as you find your way back to the truth of who you are.

The fine print about refunds.

There are no refunds with this program.  You're making a commitment to show up for yourself and having a back-out plan is not beneficial.  If you're serious about doing this work, you'll make your sessions a top priority.  Yes, you can reschedule.  (I'm not an ogre!) But I'm not going to make it easy for you to shuffle yourself to the bottom of the deck.  If you need to put this program on hold to handle a family emergency, you'll have all my support.  Your sessions will be here when you get back.  But if you just get cold feet?  Then sorry, lovely.  You'll miss out. 


Please confirm your booking after payment.  After selecting the date of your session in my calendar, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your payment.  Please click the RETURN BUTTON to go back to Satori after paying.  Your booking will not be confirmed until you return.



I'm Kelli Younglove and I'm passionate about helping self-aware people STAND STRONG so they can shine their light into the world! 


Too many of us are dimming ourselves down or playing small because we're listening to the voice of criticism and self doubt, which keeps us from feeling our connection to the goodness and fullness of Life.


Fear and overwhelm? Yep.  I've lived most of my life in those states!  And I know the relief that comes from doing the emotional work required to free myself from those limits.

That's why I've made it my personal mission to keep standing up to False Fear for the rest of my life and to help other amazing women do the same. 


Because we can't heal the world if we feel paralyzed and hopeless.  We can't create lives filled with joy and meaning if we're riddled with anxiety and uncertainty. 

The methods and tools in STANDING STRONG still help me to get back to my plugged-in, joyful, LIT up self whenever I feel shaky, scared and unsure.  And I know they'll help you too. 


Right now and for the rest of your life.


PS  If you have any hesitation about taking this program, please book a free 30-minute consultation so we can talk.  I'm always happy to answer questions so you can come to a decision on your own.  No arm-twisting involved!

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