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The Jaya & Kelli Package

$1195 USD
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Your Team for Conscious Growth & Alignment

This is a Unique, Collaborative Offering for Anyone Seeking to Strengthen Their Connection to Source, Expand Their Deeper Awareness, and Live a Life of Conscious Alignment.  

10 - 1hr Sessions of Private Coaching: 5 w/Jaya | 5 w/Kelli

(please scroll down for specifics)

Because the Universe isn’t responding to your words.  It’s responding to your vibrational calling. 

– Abraham Hicks -

If your signal's been jammed lately, you're in the right place.  We know how challenging the human experience can beespecially now, in this particular time in history.  But things don’t have to be good in the world for things to be good in your life. 

The question is, how good are you willing to let your life get? 

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If you can't answer this without the voice of fear (or scarcity) chiming in, take a breath and observe the resistance.

Most limitation is self-imposed, love.  And this can be difficult to recognize on your own.

Imagine trying to read the label

on a jelly-jar when you’re stuck inside.

You can't.

That's why I said YES when my dear

friend, Jaya the Trust Coach suggested

a coaching collaboration.

I know how sticky old belief-patterns can be.  I also know the power of intentional, focused support.  That's how Jaya and I met, after all.  Years ago, when I fell back into the dark, painful jam of my childhood, Jaya helped me return to my truth.

That's what this shared offering is all about.  


It's an invitation to go on a healing journeywith two compassionate coaches by your side.  

What does that actually look like?  I wish I could say.  Your journey is uniquely your own.  It may require an experiment in radical trust.  Or a commitment to your spiritual growth and maturity.  But I can assure you, our work together won't ever mean by-passing your feelings in an attempt to be positive. 

Our goal is to help you BE with everything that's showing up in the present moment and that includes the truth of what you're really feeling.  This kind of honest, unflinching acceptance always leads to the deeper wisdom Jaya and I have such a reverence for.

CLICK HERE to book a free consultation with me (Kelli) and once we've spoken, I'll send you Jaya's coaching document that gives specifics and clear guidelines for coaching and payment. I'll also send you Jaya's booking link so you can schedule a consultation with her if you haven't already done so.

NOTE:  If you've already coached with us separately and want to bypass all of the above, email Jaya directly and she'll get you started with the document and payment.

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$1195 USD


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Once you've had separate consultations with us and have read through the coaching document, you'll pay Jaya in accordance with her instructions.  

After Jaya receives your payment, she'll give you access to her calendar and I'll send you a link to mine so you can start booking sessions.  (You'll have a total of 10 sessions split evenly between the two of us.)

  • 5  45 minute sessions with Jaya + take-aways

  • 5  60 minute session with me + take-aways

Note:  You can read about take-aways, booking guidelines and coaching expectations in the document which will be sent to you after your free consultation.  

You'll begin with 3 sessions in a row with one coach (you can start with either of us based on your choice or our availability) and 3 sessions in a row with the other.


After those first 6 sessions, you’ll have 4 sessions left, or 2 more with each coach, to use in any order.


Note: Your first 3 sessions will be scheduled in a weekly rhythm (meeting 3 weeks in a row). When you then switch to the other coach, you can stay at that pace or stretch to every other week if that feels better.


The deep work of self-inquiry and personal alignment is truly the most important work you’ll ever do.  But I'll be honest—it can be uncomfortable.  Which is why most people tend to avoid it.

We’re here to make sure you don’t.


Jaya and I know you can’t do the hard stuff alone because we can’t either

Coaches have coaches for a reason!  Everyone has their blind-spots and protective personalities, and Jaya and I often turn to each other when we're feeling off, because we benefit deeply from the mirror each of us holds.

Now you can too.

Imagine two beacons of light illuminating the dark places you just can’t see into on your own.  Much will be revealed in those cross-beams—and not just the things needing to be healed and released.  There's beauty in that light, love.  Your beauty.  And when you catch a glimpse of your own inner lightyour essential brilliance—it will be easier to find your connection again.  Not just to yourself, but to the stream of well-being always flowing to you.

THAT, is a benefit that benefits everyone.



Kelli the Consciousness Coach

My healing journey began when I left my family home and religion at the age of 16.  Outwardly, this looked like reckless rebellion and chaos.  But internally, it was a sacred step toward myself and the woman I am today. 

I'd love to tell you that the wounds from religious and generational trauma resolved themselves overnight, but it didn't work like that.

More wounds and heartache came my way.  It wasn't until I was willing to look at the pattern (I was the victim again and again) and actually LEARN from the suffering, that all my answers came. 

It turns out, I had a lot of learning (and unlearning) to do.  My thinking style was unhealthy and extreme.  I couldn't say no or set limits without using violence or force.  I couldn't tolerate painful emotions.  I didn't know how to channel my anger (and there was SO much anger) in honourable ways.  I was needy and destructive in love.

My recovery didn't come from one method, or the help of one person.  It took a village.  It took therapy, counselling, coaching, self-help, journalling, self-inquiry, meditation, nature, and years of boundary development.  

In 2007 I discovered the work of Martha Beck and found myself profoundly moved by her experience with upheaval and loss.  Her focus on the essential self (and the wisdom of the body compass) had such an impact on me I went through an intensive training program with her in 2012 and became one of her certified coaches. 

Not long after, I met Jaya and she helped me face another round of childhood shame.  She stood by me through my dark night of the soul and helped me go further into work I already knew—shifting a stubborn issue by introducing me to the wisdom of the Enneagram.  (I am now a healthy, thriving two!)

As a coach, I bring my whole self to my sessions, using empathy and understanding to inform our work together.

Many have called this "deep mothering".  Jaya calls it a warm hug.  I simply know it as the unconditional love that brought me back home to myself.


Jaya the Trust Coach

Like me, Jaya is a survivor of toxic fundamentalist Christianity and has forged a remarkable relationship with the mysterious, invisible something people often call God.

Part of her healing journey included attending Byron Katie's nine-day School for The Work (as many people I know have) with one distinction: Jaya is one of the few who fully embodies this process, making inquiry a daily habit.

She'll be the first to tell you how this work changed her.   As she says in her book Scooch,  "I changed in a way that even your children notice." 

That change continued to blossom in her and she's helped hundreds of people find and follow their own belief systems and inner guidance.  Currently, Jaya serves as a contributing Educator at Yoga Farm, Ithaca and offers coaching and support for YTT students and the Yoga Farm Community in general.


She's passionate about Inquiry (the Work of Byron Katie), Enneagram knowledge and application, Presence Practices, Pain-Body Work, and translating Abraham-Hick, using no-bullshit Law of Attraction principles.

If you'd like to know more about her work, CLICK HERE to visit her website.

Questions and Answers

Q. What if I like one coach more than the other during the course of this offering? 

preferences is an important part of self-development.  Dislike of any kind always signals a deeper truth.  Instead of taking offence, Jaya and I will welcome your preference and follow it straight to the gold that's sure to lay at its core.  (Note: You can't trade out sessions with one coach for more with the other, but the process of facing all that arises will benefit you greatly, I promise.)

Not a problem.  In fact, it’s good information.  Knowing your 

Q. What if one coach contradicts the other? 

Although it's not likely, 

(Jaya's work is aligned with my own) it's certainly possible.  Many truths can exist at one time and neither Jaya or I will ever pretend to know the truth that’s right for you.  Our job is to be transparent, honest, and open, so YOU can connect with YOUR truth and strengthen your relationship with your own inner guidance.  If a discrepancy arises, terrific!  Let's be open to a deeper conversation that just may transcend the contradiction, birth a higher truth, and blow all our minds.

Q. What if I want to continue with one coach (over the other) after the package is used? 

We’ll celebrate your decision with high-fives all around!

Jaya and I believe in creation, not competition.  We’re both dedicated to tending our own thoughts and emotions (especially the hurty ones) and will be quick to point out that our feelings aren’t anything you need worry about.  (Boundaries!)  Since we truly believe in the orchestration, we'll happily honour your preference and guidance.

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