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Dream Analysis

A Different Kind of Dream Analysis

Where YOU Interpret Your Own Symbols With My Help

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Your dreams are full of important information that can help you connect with your inner wisdom and a higher realm of consciousness.


They may seem silly, or even frightening, but they're full of deeper meaning. 


That's because the subconscious likes to speak to us in terms of metaphor and is constantly sending us messages using pictures, images or symbols. 

Dream symbols (people, objects, animals) aren't literal and often represent a part of your SELF that is attempting to make contact.

A snake in YOUR dream won't mean the same thing as a snake in MY dream. 

I love (and use) Martha Beck's method of Dream Analysis because it allows YOU to interpret your own symbols instead of trying to impose a universal meaning on them.

And the best thing is, you don't have to know HOW because I'll be there to guide you through the process. 


If you're someone who doesn't remember your dreams, no worries.  We can use this method on anything that appears in your life.  If there's a situation that's unsettling to you, book a session and we'll get started!


  • A Preparation PDF sent to you when you book so you know what to expect for our session.

  • One 90 minute Session.  NOTE:  I typically use an hour for Dream Analysis and 30 minutes for check in and debrief, but every session is different.  We'll check in at the 1 hour mark to see if a break is needed.  If it is, then we'll end there and you'll reschedule the remaining 30 minutes for another day.  If a break isn't needed, then we'll use the entire 90 minutes all at once.

  • Follow-up Notes with all the messages from the symbols we speak with.


You don't need to remember your entire dream. Dream fragments are great to work with and you'll get a LOT from just by working with a small memory of a dream.  

Complex or long dreams may require more than 90 minutes. So we may have to focus on just one or two symbols—but once you've been through the process, you'll be able to continue on your own any time you like.  And even if you don't explore all the symbols, you'll get good information from just a couple.


Remember to take your session in a place that's private and free from distractions.  Life's busy and complicated, I know.  But it's in your best interest to create as much privacy for your session as possible or the mind will be too vigilant to relax enough to let the messages get through.  Go ahead and put some cushions in a closet and shut yourself in to get some privacy if you need to.  Or sit in your car.  Feel free to get creative. 

Have some tea (or water) and some tissues handy. Taking a sip of something you enjoy is a simple way to bring yourself back to the present moment, so you'll want to have a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice nearby.  And since dreams are usually the psyche's way of processing emotion, expect some tears and grab those tissues.

And remember, you don't even need a DREAM for this process to work.  If you're facing something particularly challenging and haven't been able to get clear answers, this process can really help!  Don't be shy about asking me to take you through this exercise using your current situation in place of a dream.

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