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Thoughts create the way you feel. 

And the way you feel creates your life experience. 

It’s my job to question your thoughts.

In fact, I can be kind of annoying that way.  But trust me, you’ll love that!

Because the energy you radiate out into the world impacts every area of your life.  And that energy is fueled by your thoughts.

So, you really want a coach who can get straight to the self-limiting stories that are keeping you stuck so you can start creating more love, luck and laughter in your life.

Just think of me as a personal trainer for your mind!

And like any good trainer, I’m here to help you attain your personal best.  

No, it won't always be easy. But once you shift your mental perceptions, everything around you will start to reflect that change.

And I think that’s worth your investment.

A Personal Note 

As much as I believe in the power of focus (and where we choose to place our attention) my coaching practice is not about positive thinking.

It’s about examining thoughts and limitations that cause emotional pain.
Which means allowing ALL your emotions to come to the surface so they can be felt and understood. 
If you want to slap a smiley face over your feelings to avoid discomfort, then I’m not your girl.
And if you’re looking for someone to tell you what to do?
Nope.  Sorry.  Don’t do that either.
Because I don’t know what’s best for you. 
All I can do is help you get to your own clear answers and teach you some of the vital life-skills they never taught you in school.

  • like how to recognize mental mistakes

  • or how to instantly overcome feelings of helplessness

  • or how to know what your emotions are really telling you


Some people think that a coach is just a paid friend—someone they can hire to listen, advise and sympathize.
Let me say (very loudly) I’M NONE OF THAT.
Yes, I’ll listen.  I’ll listen to you with every part of my body.  
But when we’re in a session together, you don’t want me there as a friend.
Because our closest friends often have the same blind spots we have.


They’re invested in our stories as much as we are. 
A friend soothes and says, ”Oh, honey.  That’s horrible.  I can’t believe they treated you that way.”
And that just keeps you hooked up to the victim-intravenous another day longer.
As a coach, it’s my job to poke and prod you a bit.

  • Why are you using this an excuse not to feel good?

  • What pain are you trying to avoid?

  • What do you not want to admit to yourself?

Paying someone to sympathize and agree with you will do nothing but keep you stuck in your story.
And you want to get out of that shit-pile.  Am I right?
As a coach, I'm not here to act as your personal cheerleader. 
Yes, I’ll pick up the pom-poms every time you make a breakthrough or take a step in the direction that serves your soul. 
I’ll jump up and down and clap my hands and say things like “Hurray!” when you make a connection that helps you get back into your own position of power.
But I’m never going to yell “Rah! Rah! Rah!” if you’re heading straight off a cliff. 
If your thought-process is screwy and causing you pain, I’m going to challenge your stories.
And trust me, that can feel uncomfortable.
It’s anything BUT cheer-leading.
And yet, it's the only thing that WORKS.


Life is messy and painful and complicated. 


People fall down and get hurt.

But there’s a big difference between clean pain and dirty pain. 
Clean pain is meant to be felt and grieved.    It’s the sad stuff that happens that you have no control over.  Like when your sweetheart falls in love with someone else.  Or your grandma dies.  Or your best friend gets cancer.
That kind of pain hurts like holy hell, but it feels real and honest.  Like a sharp, sterilized surgical blade cutting straight to the core of who you are.   

Dirty Pain feels like a rusty razor.
Dirty Pain is the unnecessary suffering we cause ourselves.


It’s the unexamined victim stories we tell on a daily basis without even realizing it.

  • No one loves me.

  • I’ll never get what I want

  • Men can't be trusted

  • I’m too fat

  • I’m bad

  • I’m not enough

This is the pain that keeps us small and sucks away our joy.
I know.  I’ve had a lifetime of it. 
And the only thing that gave me relief was challenging my own mental mindset.

That’s why I became a coach.
To help you lessen your own suffering so you can get on with creating something of value and meaning.


If you're ready to jump right in, CLICK HERE.

If you'd like to get to know me better, I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation over Skype or by telephone.

Just click on the button and set up an appointment so we can talk!

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Martha Beck Stamp of Certification

I'VE BEEN PASSIONATE about self-discovery for more than 20 years, secretly studying (and trying to bridge the gap between) science and spiritual enlightenment.

My discovery of Martha Beck's work in 2007 changed the course of my life and inspired me to start my own practice where I now help others follow their hearts and change their childhood conditioning so they can create a life that's truly delicious.


Most people call me a Life Coach, but that label feels too generic to me and doesn't articulate what I really do. 


I call myself a Consciousness Coach because I help my clients become aware of the REAL issues causing their problems so they can make healthy decisions that allow them to move forward in a conscious, empowered way.

For more information about how coaching with me actually works, click here.

Jaya the Trust Coach

Having both coached Kelli and

been coached by her, I know her well. I’m acquainted with her deep—and deeply authentic—inner process for her own growth. I also know the way, as a coach, she intuitively navigates through a session knowing just where to go next—and when to hit the pause button and be still with a swelling heart or an insight taking form. I've had some profound personal experience unpacking things with her—notably in releasing old love-relationship wounds and coming into an ease with the whole topic that matches how I live elsewhere (and that was eluding me before Kelli sat with me). She’s one of the few coaches I send people to, feeling totally confident they’ll be in strong, skilled, and careful hands.


I’m actually in awe of how Kelli holds space, with such presence and love. If I had to speak to specific strengths and recommend her for particular ailments, I’d say that her own journey has led her to a rare level of clarity about boundaries; finding the line between selfishness and self-care and dissolving the discomfort in the reckoning; and learning how to heal old messages and outer-imposed beliefs in order to live from a place of authenticity, ease, and self-referral. Kelli is a gem, a powerhouse, a midwife—she’s a badass coach.

Jaya loves empowering women who feel disconnected from the goodness of life and all the support available to them.


You can read more about her (and her work) in her book, Scooch—Edging Into A Friendly Universe which is jam-packed full of her best coaching practices and personal philosophy. 

Scooch!: Edging into a Friendly Universe Book Cover

PS.  I'm not mentioning this book because of a commission (I don't get one).  I'm featuring it here on my website because I love it and often use it as a resource in my own coaching practice. 


No matter where you are on your personal journey of self-discovery, Scooch will give you the lightbulb moments of insight to light your way. 

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