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What’s your heart longing for that it isn’t getting?


Well, dear one, whatever's missing from your life (or keeps showing up again and again) it's usually a reflection of some inner story that's been cemented in place over time.


And coaching can really help wiggle it loose.


If you want lasting results, you’ve got to look inward.


And I'm the coach to do that with.

Below are 3 ways to work with me privately (although a Single Session is also available)


If you've been stuck in a place of overwhelm and fear (and are looking for a structured learning experience to help you understand your own anxiety or uncertainty), I recommend my private coaching program, Standing Strong.


Need help deciding?  Book a complimentary Kelli Consultation and let's chat!


This is where you lay everything on the table so we can examine whatever's been coming up or trying to get your attention.

For 3 weeks, it will be just me and yougetting clear about what you're feeling, what your heart really wants and the best strategy to go about getting it. 


It's time to go beyond what's not working and DO something about it. 


This is where you follow your inner guidance and start taking strategic steps forward.


For 2 months, I'll be here to make sure that you keep taking those steps and that your motivation is on track. 


Because action that's driven by fear or self-criticism ISN'T going to create the powerful results you want. 

Instead of forcing yourself toward your goals with a whip, you'll learn how to strengthen your alliance with Life so the process of achievement is actually enjoyable.



Ready to change, achieve, or release something BIG?  Then this is where you take a stand and commit to going all the way.   


No more waiting passively for something to happenlooking to someone else to heal your pain or make your dreams come true.  

This 1 year journey is all about choosing YOURSELF and being the hero of your own life.  Real change doesn't happen in 3 sessions.  Aha's happen. 


REAL change is achieved by consistently putting those aha's to work on a day-to-day basis and getting the support you need to stay on course. 


If you're going to go the distance, you'll need something stronger than will-power. You'll need a connection to purpose, a willingness to face your discomfort, and a really great coach in your corner. 


If you've worked with me before and just need a clarity or bravery boost, the 3-week package is the one that's most popular.   Many of my regular clients use these sessions periodically to prepare themselves emotionally for:

  • a hard conversation

  • giving a speech or presentation

  • going on a vacation with the in-laws

  • adjusting to the culture and dynamics of a new job

Others use these sessions for:

  • brainstorming creative ideas

  • dream analysis - 3 sessions gives us the time to really dig deep into the symbols and leaves us with follow-up sessions for debriefing and coaching.  Haven't tried dream analysis and feel curious?  Read this!

If you know you I'm the coach for you and want to be wise with your money, then go for the 2 month package straight away.  That will give you six sessions in the bank to use at your discretion as the need comes up.  And you'll save $$$!

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