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Clarity Session

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Clarity Session

If you're stuck in the mind-maze of indecision and uncertainty, this session will help you get out.

I'll lead you through a holistic approach to problem solving that goes deeper than just surface interpretations.

Your answers aren't out there, dear one.  They're inside of you.

And while it's tempting to turn to friends and family for direction, they often have their own limitations (or private agendas for you) that can skew their judgement.


Many times, advice is really just the voice of their own worry.

The truth is, other people (including experts) can't possibly know what experiences you need for your personal growth or what direction will best serve you because they aren't connected to your guidance system.

They can't hear your inner wisdom.

Only you can.


And I love facilitating these important conversations.  


That's what the Clarity Session is—a designated, intentional space created just for you and your inner council. 

Think of it as an hour and a half of scheduled quiet time where you can put everything out on the table without censorship.  I'll ask questions and take notes so we can sort through all the mental and emotional noise.

The relief you'll feel when you get clear about what's really going on inside you will give you the energy to take the next steps of right action.

(And may also add years to your life!)


So please don't allow your thoughts to keep you locked in an argument with yourself.


Book a session with me instead.

I'll help you tune into your WHOLE intelligence so you can stop the inner game of tug-of-war and get CLEAR.

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  • One 90 minute Private Coaching Session.  NOTE:  We'll check in at the 1 hour mark to see if a break is needed.  If it is, then we'll end there and you'll reschedule the remaining 30 minutes for another day.  If a break isn't needed, then we'll use the entire 90 minutes all at once.


  • I coach over the phone, Zoom, or by Skype, so location (or social distancing) is never an issue.

  • Once you sign up, you'll be directed to Satori, my on-line calendar, where you can book your session at your convenience.  

  • Payment is made through PayPal, but if you don't have an account, don't worry!  They have a credit card option to make things quick and easy. (Stripe is also an option.)

  • After you've scheduled your appointment, you'll be sent a quick questionnaire to fill out and send back to me.  

  • You'll then call or Skype me at the appointed time and we'll ease into our session in a relaxed, conversational way. (If you prefer Zoom, we'll make those arrangements and I'll send you an invitation)


Yes, YOU call me.  Taking this action step (especially if it's scary) sends a message to your brain that you're doing something important.  When you override your own discomfort, or take the initiative to show up for yourself, you're secretly saying to yourself "I MATTER".  And that's big.


Take your call in a place that's free from distractions.  Life's busy, I know.  I work from home and sometimes a delivery man starts ringing the doorbell even when I have a DO NOT DISTURB sign up.  Things happen and I truly believe we can deal with any and all interruptions with a healthy sense of humour and a willingness to go with the flow of Life.  Having said that, it's really in your best interest to create as much privacy for your session as possible. 

Have some paper, a pen and a glass of water handy.  I may ask you to draw something out on paper so you can see it.  (Don't worry, this isn't art class!) Most of my clients like BIG pieces of paper so they can stand over them and see their writing when it's on the floor.  

Also, you'll need water (or something yummy to drink).  Taking a sip of water is a simple way to bring yourself back to the present moment and the support of your body, so you'll want to have some handy. 

You might not get the big "lighting rod" moment where all your questions are answered in a flash from the heavens.  But I can promise that you'll get clarity about what's REALLY going on and what your next step or steps should be.  

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If you're an existing or former client, click HERE

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