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The Most Important Relationship

A lot of us are slipping back into old patterns. Have you noticed? Has your focus started to drift from your centre back to the drama of everyday life?

If it has, be gentle. These days, a thousand wretched truths are popping into our awareness with relentless intensity.

Like adware on the great screen of life, these pop-ups can pull our attention away from a greater truth.

That's when we start grasping, trying to control things that aren't ours to control.

If this is you, PLEASE STOP.

Remember the silent orchestration that's always working on your behalf.

If your connection with your spouse (or kids) feels frayed, or your relationship with money is out of balance, or your partnership at work is starting to wobble . . .

Tend to the most important relationship first!

I'm talking about the one between you and YOU, dearest.

I'm talking about you and your mental health. I'm talking about you and your boundaries. I'm talking about you and your sense of worth. I'm talking about you and your values and your personal mission.

And yes, I'm most certainly talking about your relationship with the mysterious, invisible force that pulses through everything.

When you make time to tune into THIS, you'll find your footing again, I promise.

  • Your nervous system will settle.

  • You'll feel more clear and calm and stable.

  • Your heart will open.

  • Your fear will settle.

  • Creative solutions will begin to appear.

From this place of connection, you can then tend masterfully to everything else.

Sending you so much love,


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