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You're Just A Few Laughs Away

You may not know this about me, but I used to be a CONTROL FREAK.

And not the cute kind like Monica from Friends.

Thankfully, boundary work has helped me clean that up.

I don't try to control people anymore.

And yet . . .

I sometimes still find myself trying to control LIFE!

Do you catch yourself doing this too?

Do you push and strain and EFFORT to get things to go a certain way, on a certain timeline?

Do you have to cross everything off your to-do list before you can RELAX?

Yuck. It doesn't feel good, does it.

When we switch into control-mode, we get all rigid and stiff. We forget to laugh and have fun.

Instead of being in FLOW with Life, we start applying the brakes.

That's when everything feels hard.

Life LOVES to move. It LOVES to dance with us in a cha-cha of collaboration. When we partner with it (instead of trying to lead) things get surprisingly easier.

Have you noticed when you stop and take a breath, you feel better?

Can you imagine what might happen if you allowed yourself to LAUGH? To actually be PLAYFUL?

I know you've got responsibilities. I KNOW you've got to get things done. But you can do that in a way that isn't so serious. I've tested this!

And I've found the more I relax and let go, the more creative I become.

Solutions start showing up to the party.

We honestly just need to LIGHTEN UP.

A lot of joy is trying to get to you, love. And humour has a way of opening the floodgates.

If you think this doesn't apply to you, you're wrong.

Behind that wall of tension are so many magical moments.

And you're just a few laughs away from letting them in.

Sending you so much love,


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