When life has you against the ropes


Hi, I'm Kelli Younglove. 

I help smart, self-aware women meet the challenges of life in a conscious, empowered way.


Which often means standing strong in the face of adversity and emotional discomfort. 


But my style of coaching isn't about hitting harder or throwing better punches.

Kelli Younglove

It's about getting out of the ring.

So, if you're ready to stop fighting with life and start working with it, you've come to the right place.

The Universe is FRIENDLY, my love.  Higher forces are always supporting and guiding you toward growth and success.


I'm just here to redirect you back to this truth.

Yes, I'll teach you valuable skills for productive, healthy, happy living.


And YES! I'll help you overcome your anxiety, fear and self-doubt so you can go after those things that actually mean something to you.

But the real value of working with me is that I'll never see you as broken or helpless.  And I'll always (no matter what) redirect you back to your highest, most powerful self.

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This is my signature program!

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Because sister, I get it.

I've been where you are.  I know the lay of the land.  I’ve hit every pothole on the road to personal freedom and wouldn’t have made it without the loving, nonjudgmental support of my own coaches and guides. 

Friends are wonderful, but they’re often just as invested in your stories as you are.  It's my job to help you see your own blind spots so you can change whatever's keeping you from being the person you truly want to be.

I don't say this lightly.


I've spent twenty years on the front lines of self-discovery, doing my own inner work.

I wrestled with anxiety and heartbreak and low self-esteem until I finally learned how to step off the battlefield and into a life that feels good.


I've gone the whole distance.  And I want YOU to go the whole distance too. 

Your future self is waiting for you.  

 Laurie Jacobsen

 Tuscon, Arizona

In my last session with Kelli, what came into my head at the end of it was, “She’s a soul whisperer.” Kelli is intuitive and gentle and kind and holds such a loving space. Things move and shift. I am changed as a result of working with her and in my book that is a very good thing. Kelli allows her intuition and yours to take the session where it needs to go. There is no script. She is paying attention to what you need and she gives it to you with her whole being. She loves what she does and it shows. I will forever be grateful that my path has crossed Kelli’s. I am blessed.

As a coach, Kelli holds a beautiful non-judgemental space for me to be curious with myself. This is something that’s super important to me as a coach. Even though I have and use a lot of these coaching tools on myself, it's invaluable to have Kelli act as another layer of curiosity for me. To help me when I’m feeling stuck with something or keep chewing on the same thing over and over. She helps me get unstuck in my life so I can be the person I know I’m capable of being. My work with her has been absolutely life changing. 

Rena Williams

Montreal, Quebec

Sas Petherick, UK

Kelli’s coaching is graceful and elegant - just like her! She always brings compassion, clarity and wisdom to my tangled thoughts, and I always walk away feeling expanded with new insight. Kelli was born for this work - book a session!


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