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Kelli Younglove

 I Help People Calm   

 Stress, Fear and Uncertainty  

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So They Can Access Their Inner Guidance and Meet the Challenges of Life in a Conscious, Empowered Way.

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Clarity First


When difficulties hit, most people rush into action without any sense of conscious direction and miss out on the gift Life's trying to give them.    If you're feeling worn out by DOING, I'll help you get anchored in KNOWING so you can hear the wisdom beneath all the noise and confusion.

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Coaching With Kelli Younglove


Because I get it
Best Life Coach for anxiety


I've faced down crisis several times in my life

and I know, from personal experience, that even when

everything’s breaking and falling apart, you still have CHOICE.

You're not helpless.  You're not alone.


No matter what your mind says, you still have the power and ability to choose how and where to direct your energy.


Fear isn't something to be afraid of.  It's a gift to be used.


The Universe is FRIENDLY, my love.

And I'm well equipped to take you from the lower levels of scarcity and fear, to the higher levels of creativity and joy.


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Conscious Compassionate Coaching 

A Mind-Body-Soul Approach to Problem Solving 

That Provides Long-Lasting Results

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

  • Connect with a powerful aspect of yourself that can see beyond current circumstances

  • Stop the inner tug-of-war and get clarity about your purpose and direction.

  • Learn new concepts and powerful techniques that will forever change how you navigate through Life.

  • Get out of the mind-maze of indecision and connect with the intelligence of your inner compass.

  • Learn valuable skills for productive, healthy, happy living.

  • Develop strong, healthy boundaries. 

  • Tap into the wisdom beneath your self-doubt so you can create a life of meaning.

  • Create more ease and intimacy in your closest relationships.

  • Dissolve limiting patterns keeping you stuck so you can reach higher levels of abundance, success and joy.

  • Experience greater self-awareness and internal connection with your Essential Self.

  • Correct poor communication habits developed in childhood.

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 Laurie Jacobsen

 Tuscon, Arizona

In my last session with Kelli, what came into my head at the end of it was, “She’s a soul whisperer.” Kelli is intuitive and gentle and kind and holds such a loving space. Things move and shift. I am changed as a result of working with her and in my book that is a very good thing. Kelli allows her intuition and yours to take the session where it needs to go. There is no script. She is paying attention to what you need and she gives it to you with her whole being. She loves what she does and it shows. I will forever be grateful that my path has crossed Kelli’s. I am blessed.

As a coach, Kelli holds a beautiful non-judgemental space for me to be curious with myself. This is something that’s super important to me as a coach. Even though I have and use a lot of these coaching tools on myself, it's invaluable to have Kelli act as another layer of curiosity for me. To help me when I’m feeling stuck with something or keep chewing on the same thing over and over. She helps me get unstuck in my life so I can be the person I know I’m capable of being. My work with her has been absolutely life changing. 

Rena Williams

Montreal, Quebec

Sas Petherick, UK

Kelli’s coaching is graceful and elegant - just like her! She always brings compassion, clarity and wisdom to my tangled thoughts, and I always walk away feeling expanded with new insight. Kelli was born for this work - book a session!


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