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When You've Got to GO

I'm turning 50 this month! And guess what.

I've cancelled my party.

I had a big celebration booked at a really cool

neighbourhood patio/bar. 70 of my closest friends and family were on the invitation list. My party dress was all picked out and ready to go. And yet . . . Something felt off. My heart wasn't really craving a big, public bash. (And girl, you know I love to party!) As I got quiet and listened to that inner whisper, I realized that more than anything, I wanted to bask in the silence and beauty of nature.

The mountains were calling.

I sent out an email to my nearest and dearest and told them the party was off—that I wanted to find quiet, simple ways to acknowledge my birthday that focused on being, and not so much doing. Then Sir James and I planned a little get-away. Because when you've got to go, my darling . . .

You've got to go.

Nothing is more important than your soul's inner prompting. And no one else can tell you how to spend your one, precious life. Which leads to an important question: What are YOU being called to or nudged toward? What little whispers are trying to get your attention? Or maybe it's the exact opposite. Maybe you're feeling pushed into something you're not ready for. Whatever the case, this blog may help. It's called "Don't Let Anyone Push You Off the High Diving Board". I hope you enjoy it. Meanwhile, I'll be in the mountains with Sir James.

  • writing

  • hiking

  • exploring

  • basking

  • luxuriating

  • appreciating

No to-do list. No hosting. No entertaining. Instead, I'll be marking this milestone birthday by silently celebrating the wonder of my life. And thanking my heart for all its brilliant decisions. Sending you so much love,


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