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Life's Beautiful Blender

I've been holding space for a lot of weary people lately.

Most are in overwhelm.

Others are in full-blown crisis.

Just when we need things to get easier, Life turns on the razor sharp blades.

For some, the Roe v. Wade decision cut so deep, it severed their belief in humanity.

Several told me they just can't do it anymore. They're tired of the uphill battle. They're tired of the insanity. The injustice. The never-ending onslaught of crazy.

If you're tired too, please allow yourself to BE tired.

Stop fighting for a moment. Stop climbing uphill.

Acknowledge the exhaustion.

Allow yourself to collapse.

Cry, weep, wail, sob, sink into silence.

Open yourself to life's blender and let it liquify you. Let it change you from your solid state into the raw ingredients for some new thing.

This is how creation keeps on creating. This is how you'll find a new way, or create a new path, or build a new world without having to completely dismantle the current one.

When you're in a liquid state you can FLOW.

You can spread and pool and saturate parched ground.

Even if it feels like we've taken a giant step back, YOU don't have to go backward.

Press pause.

Moving forward doesn't always mean forward motion. We advance when we rest and repair and nourish the parts of us that are battered and bruised.

If you feel helpless, I'm here to remind you you're NOT.

You're weary. There's a difference.

So press pause and lay down.

As you do, Life's energy will flood you in brand new, courageous ways.

This is step two of the creative process.

The blender is only part one.

Beautiful things—good things, NEW things—are often born out of chaos, ugliness, and pain.

When you feel the life force return, use it intentionally. That's step three, Love.

YOU (and your actions) are step three!

So please don't give up.

We really need you.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. We all have choices even in circumstances that feel beyond our control. Find where you DO have choice and take some small action that's aligned with your heart. Uplift someone. Ease their burden. Hold a hand. Be there where others are not.

Don't let the blender stop you from creating. Use Life's beautiful blender to help you create. xo


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