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Tender Heart

If you've got a tender heart, the weight of this world can be difficult to bear.

And the holiday season can add to the heaviness.

It's hard to celebrate when people are suffering.  Harder still when members of your own family are sick or struggling too.

If you're feeling more sadness then joy right now, I get it.

And I'm here to help you to embrace it with open arms.

Sadness is the Florence Nightingale of emotions.  Do you remember her?  The lady with the lamp?  The one who devoted her life to easing the pain of the wounded?

That's sadness!  It comes to help you acknowledge the things that hurt—the things that are broken beyond your ability to repair.

Tears are the gift it brings to ease the empathetic ache.

So go ahead and CRY, dear friend!  Let your tears cleanse you of all you can't control.  Allow sadness to help you release your troubles to the higher realm of healing. 

If you carry that burden yourself it could lead to full-blown despair.

And despair has never helped anyone, Love. 

The world doesn't need more despair.  It needs someone to keep lighting the lantern, and a steady hand to hold it. 

But right now that doesn't have to be YOU!

It takes a village, remember?  Your job (at the moment), is simply to tend to your heart. 

To do this, you'll need to pull your attention away from the voice in your head (the one that goes over all the reasons—the whys, the how, and the who), and direct it to the achy area that hurts.

Just BE with that weight.  You don't have to solve anything in this moment.  Heartbreak isn't something you fix.  It's something you witness and honour with tears so it can dissolve and flow for future good. 

Darkness ISN'T the whole truth of our world (or any reality, for that matter). 

Your inner wisdom knows this, so don't be confused.  The great shawl of sadness is only here to comfort and renew. 

Allow that, then take a big breath and fill yourself with the light of your own beautiful heart.   

Soon it will be your turn to hold the lantern for someone else.

And isn't that wonderful?

We're never truly alone.

Which means there's a village out there that needs you.


Sending you so much love,


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