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The Sun Will Come Out

Hello Beautiful!

Just a quick word.

It’s going to be okay.

Even if you’re facing something scary right now.

Like losing your job.

Or starting your own business.

Or ending a relationship that’s small and constricting.

Or having a hard conversation with family.

Maybe things won’t turn out as you hope, but I know from experience that if you let go and accept the present moment as it is, you’ll be shown the steps you need to make it through.

It really, truly is going to be okay.

And no, I’m not going to sing, “The sun will come out tomorrow”.

Because the sun hasn’t gone anywhere.

It’s just clouded over by your thoughts right now.

Worry and fear and doubt can dim your connection to all that is brilliant and good, but the light’s still there, I promise.

All you need to do is relax and allow it to shine through.

Easy for me to say, right?

Well, just for the record, it’s not.

It wasn’t easy for me to start over after my marriage took a sudden left turn.

It wasn’t easy to sit with the emotional aftermath and accept the truth of my own dysfunctional behaviour.

It wasn’t easy to put awareness and inner development at the top of my priority list.

It wasn’t easy to leave Design and attempt to write a book.

Or change direction and follow my heart to Life Coaching. Or start a business without any income.

It was hard and painful and scary.

All my deep inner doubts about my own self-worth and ability rose to the surface.

Some moments were so dark, I thought I was experiencing a permanent eclipse of the sun.

Relax and allow?


Yet the more I resisted, the worse things got.

Relief only came when I accepted the discomfort of my reality, instead of fighting against it.

That’s when the light broke through.

But please don’t dismiss this as a chirpy, puff-piece for positivity.

Surrendering to "what is" isn’t about putting on a happy face.

It’s about being willing to stay with what's really happening, allowing yourself to feel the muck of it—the awkwardness, the shame, the anxiety, the fear, the raw vulnerability, and all the difficult emotions.

Yes, there will be tears, cuts and bruises.

But when you keep showing up, meeting the messy, unwanted parts of life with acceptance, you'll open yourself up to the creative power of the Universe.

There are a million invisible helping hands just waiting to help you, darling!

There are infinite possibilities that you can’t possibly imagine.

And while you’re wrestling with the problem, trying to figure it out, you’re often missing the first little step that’s right in front of you.

That’s all you ever really need, you know.

Just that first little step. The others will appear, I assure you.

But you have to be present to see them.

Life can't give you the resources for the future because the future doesn’t actually exist.

Life can only give you the answers, solutions, direction, energy, and assistance for right NOW.

Of course, being present takes practice.

The mind's like a bulldog, straining against the now.

It will constantly try to drag you into the future or back to the past.

But you’re the one holding the leash, my sweet. And if you gently lead that dog back to the present, again and again, mighty forces will rush to your aid.

As your friend, I’m going to remind you of that.

Because every time I remind you, I re-enforce it for myself.

Don't think for a minute that I never get caught up in those mental clouds of confusion.

But now when the sun disappears, I understand what's happened.

I've turned my back to the light.

So . . . if things are dark for you right now, take a breath.

Let go of trying.

Go for a walk. Sit with your dog. Ride your bike. Bake some cookies. Do some yoga poses. Gaze into the eyes of a babe.

In other words, get out of your head and into your body.

This will bring you back to the present.

Have you done that?


Because the forecast is calling for beautiful, clear skies.

And I want you to enjoy the sunshine.

Sending you so much love,


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