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Acceptance. It's NOT What You Think.

Much of what I do as a coach is help people make room for the truth.

Whether it's facing 80 unwanted pounds, or receiving the news that their spouse is having an affair.

My job is to help them make peace with the unwanted reality.

If this makes you furious, you're not alone. Most people (and I've been one of them), confuse acceptance with GIVING UP.

Every time I write about it, I get heated emails.

  • You want me to condone that kind of behaviour?

  • You want me to LIKE it?

  • You want me to act like it's okay?

  • You want me to just lay down and TAKE IT?

No actually, I don't. I want you to be able to accept the truth of what's really happening so you can get clear about your next right step forward.

Denial is a stress response—a form of freezing that can cause you to shut-down and lose track of your guidance.

Believe me, I've been stuck in this paralyzed place. It's not pleasant. I've also swung to the other end of the spectrum and FOUGHT HARD (another stress response), which only made matters worse.

Resisting the current reality (and all the uncomfortable feelings that are triggered by it) only adds another layer of struggle and pain ON TOP of the burden of hurt.

That's why the first thing I do is help my clients CALM their nervous system so they can hear a deeper wisdom.

As they reconnect to the inner silence, they begin to sink into peace. The thrashing stops. The resistance softens. The mind opens to other possibilities.

That’s when they have access to new avenues of choice, to agency, to creative ideas, to the next right step.

True acceptance means trusting the Universal Arms and letting go of the struggle.

It never, ever means giving up on your heart's desire or abandoning your dreams.

Remember The Serenity Prayer?

It reminds us to ask for the courage to CHANGE what we can, and the serenity to accept what we can't.

But here's the thingthe serenity of acceptance isn't passive!

It's actually a powerful invitation that opens the door to Higher Forces.

And when that door opens?

Truly astonishing things begin to take shape.

Sometimes quietly. Subtly. Other times, in big, grand gestures as Life completely rearranges itself—the orchestration boldly moving all the stubborn, impossible pieces.

Don't be surprised when you're called into INSPIRED, creative action.

And don't be afraid when you're invited to grow in unexpected ways.

Just take a breath. Then use the tool of acceptance and say YES.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. Fighting amplifies the challenges and heartbreak of life. Acceptance ultimately frees you. If you're having a hard time putting this into practice, CLICK HERE to purchase 3 sessions of private coaching so we can start consciously shifting things together. P.S.S. If you know you're ready for a bigger commitment and would like two powerful coaches by your side, the Jaya & Kelli Package is a beautiful offering.


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