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Ask This One Simple Question

When I was 23, I had a job in visual presentation at a large store within a shopping centre.

At lunch, I'd sit out in the mall with one of my co-workers and watch the shoppers.

We'd make each other laugh by critiquing their clothes.

  • "Did she just leave the set of Little House on the Prairie?"

  • "Oh, look! It's Norman Bates in his granny's sweater!"

  • "All that outfit needs is a match and some lighter fluid."

Over time, our smirky fun became more sarcastic and mean. Until one day my friend turned to me and said,

"This isn't making me happy."

Her blatant honesty was like a shock of cold water.

I suddenly realized it wasn't making ME happy either.

That's the thing about unconscious behavior. It can keep us disconnected from ourselves and our inner light.

Thankfully, my friend woke me up to my truth and from that day on, we changed our lunch-time entertainment.

Instead of making fun of the shoppers, we looked for things we could appreciate about them.

This made us feel lighter. Happier. Healthier.

Have you noticed this yet? How your body responds to your thoughts and your habits?

Our bodies are amazing communication devices, always giving us feedback about what's right or wrong for us.

Mine pings when I'm doing something that's healthy for me. I can feel my heart open—like a flower in full bloom.

But when I'm off-course? I feel tense and heavy and constricted.

If you tend to ignore these kind of signals, check in right now and ask this one simple question.

Is what I'm doing making me happy?

If the answer is no, it's time for a change of direction—even if ihat means a shift in your thinking.

We deserve to feel GOOD, dearheart. And it's up to us to notice when we don't.

Please know I'm including myself here.

We're in this together! So when our bodies signal to us that we're on the wrong track, let's help each other get back on course.

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle reminder.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. Another great question to ask is "What's happening to my nervous system?"

Many times we're in fight or flight and don't even realize it. Or we're stuck in freeze-mode because of overwhelm or fear. (This certainly happens to me!)

When we check in with ourselves, we can better SUPPORT ourselves.

  • by connecting to our breath

  • by shifting our focus

  • by doing something that nurtures our nervous system

  • by taking a break from the noise

  • by asking for help

So be your own best friend. Show up for yourself with inner awareness. And if you need help with that, I'm right here. xo


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