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Harp Music For Cats

Someone told my sweetheart, James, that cats love harp music.

It's supposed to relax and soothe them.

And being the amazing fur-dad he is, he found an online channel that plays non-stop harp melodies for stress reduction.

Now, anytime we leave the house, he makes sure Maggie has her cat music to listen to.

I love this about him. But I was quick to turn her music off the minute I got home.

You know how it is. Things to do! People to coach! Blogs to write!

One day, I left it on while I cleaned the kitchen.

And noticed how much my nervous system liked it.

I mean, LIKED it, liked it.

  • the way plants like water.

  • the way dogs like tummy rubs.

  • the way birds like early mornings.

This dearest, was a watershed moment.

Because while I'm clear about what triggers my stress—(too many social engagements, too much noise or clutter, the pushy energy of unboundaried people)—I often fail to acknowledge what soothes and nourishes me.

And here's WHY.

I grew up in a community that put hardiness on a pedestal. People were admired and valued for being tough, for pushing through, for working until their bodies gave out.

Sensitivity, of any kind, was scorned. Rest and relaxation had to be EARNED and even then, it was closely monitored.

People who needed down-time were judged. Harshly.

DOING and PRODUCING were the only two paths into the winner's circle.

No wonder I tried to prove myself through action, while hiding or denying the fact I had needs.

I didn't WANT to be a sensitive type, an introvert, an emotional empath, an intuitive, an artist.

I was ashamed that I needed 2 - 3 days of private time for every public outing.

That was antisocial! Weird! Embarrassing!

My dismissal of Maggie's music was a dismissal of myself.

"I do NOT like harp music for cats!"

And yet, I do like it.

And it's time to be honest with myself (and everyone else) about WHO I REALLY AM.

The truth is, I'm a sensitive human, with highly sensitive wiring that needs proper support so I can share my unique gifts with others.

If this is your truth too, HIGH FIVE!

Because let me tell you something. Needing downtime doesn't make us weak.

Have you ever watched a pride of female lions out of the veld?

They're fucking LETHAL.

And just like my cat, Maggie, they rest all the time without apology.

So, if you've been denying your needs (or deepest truth) because of inner judgement and shame, let's make a shift together.

Let's make a conscious commitment to notice what nourishes us and what doesn't.

Let's embrace who we really are so we can create a life that truly feels right.

And if your nervous system likes cat music?

Let the harp music play.

Sending you so much love,

P. S. Radio Art is an online radio station with several channels of music purposely selected to reduce stress and anxiety. If you find it soothes you, you can thank Sir James for the tip!

P. S. S. If you're not being honest about who you really are because of conflicting voices or impulses within you, let's talk. Book A Free Consultation with me so we can discuss what the journey towards your authentic self could look like. After the consultation, you can decide for yourself if you'd like to work with me or not. No arm twisting involved!

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