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Water It, Give It Away, or THROW IT OUT!

There used to be a small plant on the table in James’ studio.

Truth is, it wasn't my favourite and often sat neglected for weeks.

I'd enter the room by chance and see it withered and parched.


That's when I'd (begrudgingly), carry it to the kitchen to give it water.

This didn’t feel good.

One day, I stopped to acknowledge this.

I didn’t like the feeling of duty and obligation. And I was fairly sure the plant didn't like being treated like a burden.

I looked at it and considered my choices,

  1. I could make a commitment to care for him without resentment.

  2. I could give him to someone else.

  3. Or I could throw him into the compost bin.

Keeping him and hating him was no longer an option.

You'll be happy to know he now sits in a prominent place in my home and is cared for and loved on a regular basis.

The energetic shift was significant.

By making a conscious decision (instead of trudging along with the status quo), I stepped into my personal power.

CHOOSING put me back into a state of integrity.

If you want to be the core leader of your life (instead of a victim of it) pay close attention to feelings of resentment and drain.

And not just with plants you feel MEH about, but with email subscriptions that feel out of alignment, clothes that are ill-fitting or uninspiring, or chores you secretly hate.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live a dishonest life.

If you don’t either, pause for a moment and tune in.

Where are you just going through the motions? Barely showing up? Gritting your teeth to get through something? Or just faking it, doing the bare minimum?

Sit with the truth for a moment.

Listen, you don't have to LOVE all aspects of your life. That's impossible. You don't even have to give 100%. (I'm all for adjusting things in small, steady steps.) If 5% is all you've got to give today, that's enough.

Just make sure it's 5% in the RIGHT DIRECTION.

If you're stuck, it's most likely because you're tolerating something that's no longer tolerable.

Take a closer look at that flagging friendship, that lifeless job, that project you started that doesn't truly excite you.

Then make a conscious decision.

Either water it, release it to someone who will, or THROW IT OUT.

Sending you so much love,

P. S. I'm absolutely NOT suggesting to THROW PEOPLE OUT. What I'm referring to here are the silent contracts we have with others that we've outgrown, or that never served us in the first place. If these agreements aren't something you actually AGREE with, renegotiate them. Tweak them. Better them. And if none of that works, throw the contract out completely so something better can take its place.

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