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Getting Down and Dirty (what March can teach us about manifestation)

The worst of the winter's over, but I have to admit, March isn't my favourite time of year. Oh, it may be beautiful in other parts of the world, but here in Calgary?

Everything's melting, turning to muck. The snowbanks from February are receding, pulling back to reveal the dead grass from last fall. In short, it's kind of crap. It's hard to look at brown day after day. By now, we're all itching for a good dose of green. And yet, if you pay attention, there's a certain vibe in the air. A hint of freshness. A promise of something that's well on its way. You can't see spring yet, but the magpies are chattering, pulling at twigs, snapping them off for their nests . . . That's when you realize (with a heart-skip of excitement) Oooooh, yes! New life’s a-coming! And suddenly you find yourself slogging through the brown of things with a happy sense of expectation. Before long, the dirty month of March is gone and you're standing knee deep in June. And isn’t this the way it goes with our manifestations? Isn’t there’s always a period of "blah" before the things we've been asking for show up at our door? If you're anything like me, it’s easy to lose faith when there's nothing but muck in your life. Who hasn’t tried to “make things happen” through blind determination when all you can see is a long stretch of beige?

But that’s going about things the hard way.

Because we don’t make Spring happen by willing it to come.

Or by hating Winter. Spring comes because it's part of the natural cycle of things. And manifestation works the same way. It's part of a natural cycle too, my friend! First comes the wanting. (Which is usually a result of experiencing something unwanted) Then comes the asking. (Once we know what we want, we send out requests with every cell in our body) But there's another important part of the process that we often forget. It's calling ALLOWING. And this is the part that usually messes us up. Most of us get caught up with the how and the when.

  • HOW can I make this (thing I want) happen?

  • WHEN will my solution appear?

We try to figure it all out on our own and it slows down the process.

Because the "how and the when" are not part of our job.

Our job is to step back and let the solutions come in. And I'm not telling you to curl up into a fetal position until they do. I'm just suggesting that struggling against your current reality, or trying to force an answer isn't the best way to open the channel. When you relax and accept where you are in the natural process of things, you lower resistance which puts you in a better position to receive. That's when the magic happens. That's when the next step appears or an idea comes through that inspires you to action. So if you’re waiting for something that hasn’t arrived yet, don't despair. Just start sniffing the breeze, looking for your own signs of Spring. Trust the process of life. Know that it's always supporting you. Sure, things can get messy when winter starts melting away. But there's no need to dread all the mud left behind. Just pull on your rubber boots and start having some fun! Stamp around in a state of excited anticipation. Because the next step is easy. Springtime arrives and all you have to do is welcome it in. Sending you so much love,


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