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Want Things To Happen Faster?

Time, clock,blur

I'm here to explore an interesting paradox.

We want things to SLOW down and yet, we want to achieve everything FASTER.

Have you noticed this? 

Whether you want to lose weight, paint the baby's room, create a new business, or get out of debt—you want to experience the results NOW! 

I get it.  I really do.  I'm a quick-start on the Kolbe Index. 

But wanting to be instantly THERE (which is really just a sneaky version of NOT WANTING TO BE WHERE YOU ARE) creates a lot of inner stress and pressure. 

It's like you can't be happy (content, or calm) until you reach your destination.

No wonder it feels like you're facing a four alarm fire!   

But that sense of urgency is actually a form of avoidance and it's SLOWING YOU DOWN.

If you truly want to go faster, you've got to be willing to do something uncomfortable and counterintuitive.   

You've got to be here now.

Yes, I know the clock is ticking.  I know the kids are late for school.  I know you've got an important meeting.  I know your spouse is in the car, honking the horn.

That's why I'm here in your inbox!  I don't want those external forces to pull you away from the INTERNAL power of presence and choice.

You can take charge of any frenetic (or glacier) pace by changing the intensity (or resistance) INSIDE YOU.

If your mind is yelling at you to GO FASTER—if it's saying you're behind, that you need to HURRY UP—your nervous system's going to switch into stress mode. 

That can lead to shut-down or unconscious doing—which will take you right out of the magic of FLOW.

Pilots take advantage of natural jetstreams for a reason. If they align with them (and fly in the same direction) their planes get a collaborative BOOST.

Jetstreams improve flight times and fuel efficiency.

Well guess what!  Alignment with the present moment will do the same for you. 

Ever heard of working smarter, not harder?  Intentionally slowing your breathing (and your actions, by even a millisecond) can align you with the powerful stream of right timing.

airplane, flying, speed

This is the formula that can turn things in your favour. Once you start practicing with it, you'll see what I mean.

Those 30 pounds may still be on your waistline. Your spouse may still be leaning on the horn.  But deliberate breathing and intentional movement will have a positive impact.  

Nonresistance will help you find the jetstream. 

If you need a checklist (like pilots do), this may help:

1. SLOW EVERYTHING DOWN INSIDE YOURSELF TO JUST NOW.  (Stop for a second and breathe while you look around the room. This will bring you back to the present moment.)  

2. Instead of trying to speed things up, be deliberate and intentional in your movements.  You can still be in motion—maybe even moving quickly—but allow that motion to be a YES RESPONSE instead of a stress response.

3. Don't allow anyone's fear, anxiety, or distorted sense of urgency (including your own) to interfere with your ability to choose and adjust the tempo.

Remember! You're not a victim of the present moment even though it can appear that way.

True victims are helpless.  They have no ability, no resources, no choice.

That's not you!  You have full control over your INNER INTENSITY DIAL and the way you interact with your current reality.

If you want something to happen faster, SLOW DOWN.  

Engage with life in THIS moment.  Take steady, necessary steps toward your goal without allowing your mind to rush to the future.

Connect with the spaciousness all around you and breathe it in.  

Enjoy yourself.

Then watch your relationship with time (and life) transform.

Sending you so much love,


P.S.  Have you slowed down to a complete STOP?  Are you feeling paralyzed, stalled out, or completely shut down?  Then you probably need to get some momentum going with a tool called TURTLE STEPS.  If you already hate the concept, you're not alone. Most of my clients initially resist taking turtle steps because they seem too small.

The logical mind thinks we need to take big steps to get there FAST, so we sabotage ourselves and end up doing nothing. Then we feel guilty and our resistance to taking action gets bigger.  If you're feeling stuck, use this tool to turtle-step your way out of procrastination or avoidance. xo

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