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I Know It's Hard. But THIS Is Harder.

Let's get right to it.

Most of your stress and anxiety is caused by the voice in your head.

If you hear more than one, don't be alarmed.  

Survivor Brain is made up of different protective parts and they're all doing their best to keep you safe.   Each one uses the verbal part of your mind like a private, personal microphone. 

You’ve probably noticed a few showing up there on a regular basis:

  • The harsh inner critic who undermines you with judgement and shame.

  • The insecure part who makes you feel like a lost, helpless child.

  • The frightened worrier who always thinks the sky is falling.

  • The perfectionist who won't allow you to lighten up and have fun.

If you've worked with me personally, you know these voices aren't the REAL you. 

They're parts of your psyche and they need your compassionate leadership.

The truth is, these parts developed when you were young as a temporary coping strategy.  They were never meant to be a permanent solution.   

Imagine getting a cast on your leg when you were five and then NEVER TAKING IT OFF.

You weren't meant to only operate in Survivor mode!!  

You have a higher functioning brain with access to higher intelligence and awareness.  At the core of your center is a strong sense of peace and deeper knowing. 

When you're solidly in your body, operating from this place of truth, you feel like your best self—calm, confident, present, open-hearted and connected.

Then something activates Survivor Brain and suddenly you're being pulled from the sunny meadow and led straight into the dark forest of despair and hopelessness.

That's the exact moment you need to interrupt your thoughts so you can shift direction.

Any kind of grounding tool will help you do this.  

  • tapping (EFT)

  • deliberate, conscious breathing

  • present moment awareness

  • pinning your scary thoughts to paper

  • connecting to your body through exercise or dance

  • creating something in a state of wordlessness

  • engaging your five senses

Since you're someone who cares about well-being and personal growth, you probably know these methods and dozens more.

But have you noticed how often you resist using them?

If you're curious about this, it's really just a case of flabby mental muscles.

Be encouraged, because you're not alone!

Most us of haven't developed the cognitive strength to PULL FOCUS from the mental activity in our head and then direct our attention to the wisdom of the present moment.

Like any kind of exercise, it's hard.

Well guess what's HARDER.  Allowing the downward spiral of the mind to take you into an loop of dysfunctional behavior and habitual responses.

Identifying with Survivor Brain keeps you in a place of separation!  It robs you of peace, clarity, ease, creativity, and joy—causing you to disconnect from yourself and the humans you love.

That's HARD!

So, please make it easier.  Start practicing guiding your attention to the present moment the minute you feel stressed. 

The more you do this (even if it's only for a couple of minutes at a time) the more you'll strengthen the pathways that lead to your true self.

The real YOU is in LOVE WITH LIFE even when things aren't perfect.

And trust me, that kind of love feels so good.

Sending you so much love,


P.S.  Grab the FREE MINI GUIDE FOR ANXIETY RELIEF  for immediate support.  It's filled with some great information and tools I know you'll love.


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