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The January JOLT!

If you've been hit by a sudden rush of PANICKED ADRENALINE (even though it only a week into the new year) . . . you're not alone!

Many people are feeling BEHIND even though they're literally right at the very beginning.

This is the JANUARY JOLT and it's caused by something called group mind.

Social influence is a thing!  And at this time of year, we're blasted by messages to be better, do better and GET IT ALL DONE NOW.

This is herd mentality, love.  And it can make us feel like we're suddenly in a competitive race EVEN WHEN WE'RE NOT.

If your mind thinks others are ahead, while you're being left in the dust, you're going to feel a great deal of anxiety.

Please remember that's your body's alarm bell signaling that you're following a rule (or listening to a lie) that doesn't serve you.

If you're rushing forward like someone just fired a starter's gun, STOP!

Take a breath and get focused on what truly needs to be done. 

Slow everything down to JUST NOW.

Eckhart has a great tool called "No Past. No Future". 

Try it for a second.  What happens inside your body when you think in terms of having no personal history and nothing to worry about beyond today?

Seriously.  Connect to your breath for a moment and see if you can even imagine that.  

Most people (when they actually do this), feel a sense of freedom or peace or spaciousness.

If you didn't, that's okay.  Use a different tool.  Ask yourself how you'd act if you didn't know it was the beginning of a new year?  

You'd probably just do what needs to be done, am I right? 

I'm guessing there wouldn't be any hyped-up sense of pressure about starting fresh or getting a jump on things. 

Our calendar is really just a tool to be used—not a true picture of how much time you have (or need) to accomplish things.

Trust me.  You've got more than one year.

And a friend just reminded me that there are MANY MANY calendars. The seasonal calendar, your birthday-to-birthday calendar, and other spiritual and religious calendars.

Use the one that feels more aligned with your own natural rhythms. Forget about societal norms or trends that cause stress and anxiety.

And don't be mad at the January Jolt.  It's here to help!  It may be uncomfortable, but it's really just a reminder to get back to yourself and YOUR OWN guidance.

You might decide to do less (not more) in 2024.  Or maybe you'll do all the things.  

My suggestion is to simply do what makes you feel happier and healthier.

Sending you so much love,


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