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The Rescuing Hug

In 1995, these twin girls were born three months premature and put into separate incubators.

The younger of the two was in critical condition and dying.

Her heart-rate was irregular.

Her temperature was below normal.

The nurse on duty went against hospital policy and put the healthier twin into the incubator with her.

And that healthy twin—not even a month old—immediately, instinctively, put her arm around her dying sister.

The photo was called "the rescuing hug" by the media, because it saved the younger twins life.

As soon as she felt her sibling beside her, her failing heart began to regulate to be in sync with her sisters.

Her temperature rose to normal. Her blood-oxygen readings improved within minutes.

Where modern medicine had failed, a single act of love succeeded.

This is the miracle of heart coherence.

"Two hearts that beat as one" isn't just a sentimental notion. There's powerful science behind it and I'm currently learning all about it in a training program I'm taking with Sheva Carr and the good people at Heart Mastery.

So buckle up, dear one! Because I'm going to be bringing you with me on an amazing journey into the realm of the heart.

Together, we'll learn how to shift to a state of coherence where the heart, mind, and emotions operate as a balanced whole.

This translates into peace, harmony, ease, calm and connection.

I don't know if you've noticed, but most of the world is in a state of INCOHERENCE.

This state of STRESS drains our energy, throws us off balance, weakens our immune system, and leads to chaos and disorder.

Learning how to shift to the intelligence of the heart will help us help the world.

Being in a coherent state doesn't just change OUR physiology. It influences and impacts the energy field around others.

We can, quite literally, radiate balance and harmony out to others.

Which really means, WE can be the ones to give the rescuing hug.

Sending you so much love,

P. S. Please know I'm not pushing "positivity" here, or trying to diminish the full range of emotions that is part of the human experience. I'm simply on a mission to help myself and others find ways to better self-regulate so we can reduce human suffering and bring more love and humanity into the world.


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