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You've Got A Sunrise Within You

If you're feeling defeated right now—like the darkness will never end, I'm here with a gentle reminder.

You've got a gorgeous sunrise within you.

Have you forgotten that? Have you forgotten the place of beauty and wisdom that exists beyond the storm of the world?

If you have, don't worry. It's still there, I promise.

You've just got to drop beneath the noise of your mind to get there.

If you're anxious, or agitated, or frenzied, STOP for a moment.

Focus on your connection to something more intelligent than the chaos around you.

If you're not a believer in Higher Forces, then turn your attention toward yourself.

What's going on with your nervous system?

If you don't know what I mean, check the image below for a hint.

A state of incoherence means your systems aren't in sync. You're in fight, or flight or freeze—which means stress hormones and internal disorder.

But you can shift your state simply by shifting your attention

from your head to your heart.

Coherence feels like safety and peace, my darling.

So take a breath. Then take another. Inhale. Exhale. Slow everything down.

If this annoys you, I get it. You've got things to do. There's a mortgage to pay and kids to feed.

But you have to feed your soul too, love.

If you're stressed, press the pause button. Turn off the news and take a walk. Revise your plans. Re-think your to-do list. Cancel what you need to cancel.

Guide your attention inward, to the genius of the collective consciousness.

There, solutions and answers and creative ideas are waiting.

Allow them to rise from the silence within you.

Let them spread their brilliant colours.

A new day is dawning.

And it's going to be beautiful.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. There are many ways to achieve coherence within your body (I know someone who whittles) but if you're on the fly and dealing with stress in the red-hot minute, an easy starting point is always the breath. Just put your attention on your breath. Imagine breathing into your heart for a count of 5 and breathing out from your heart for a count of 5. Keep doing this until you feel a shift in your body's stress levels. This will calm your nervous system and give you access to inner wisdom. (And bonus! It will also increase your production of DHEA - an anti-aging vitality hormone). 🎉🎉


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